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Hand held RADAR system

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tom Potter, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. B Fuhrmann

    B Fuhrmann Guest

    From my experience, a police radar has no idea where it is. It only

    Partially correct.

    Standard radar guns have no clue where they are but it would be easy to add
    a gps locating system and magnetic compass to give it that ability.

    The radar guns do not measure the change in distance (laser speed measuring
    units do it that way).
    The radar gun uses the doppler shift of the signal to determine the speed.
    The frequency of the returned signal is shifted proportional to the relative
    speed of the target.
  2. Tom Potter

    Tom Potter Guest

    Randy, why don't you explain how
    "codes with good correlation properties"
    relates to "pulse compression"

    and how designers were able
    to design RADARs with "pulse compression"
    before they even dreamed of using digital communications
    and "codes with good correlation properties"
    in RADAR systems?

    Tom Potter

    *** Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006 ***
    *** May 2007 Anti-Bigot Award ***
  3. Tom Potter

    Tom Potter Guest

    I must point out that my system is superior
    to adding GPS to Doppler RADAR in a few ways:

    1. It would show Google Earth graphic
    (Or a combination map/graphic)
    of the area around the user.

    2. It would work indoors or out,
    in canyons, mountains, and other bad signal areas.

    3. It would not be affected by disruption
    of the GPS system.

    4. It would allow the military, surveyors, etc.
    to set up reflectors that would provide
    more precision, faster acquistion
    and tweaking of targets for the units
    that know about the reflectors.

    5. As it would use digital communications techniques,
    "Barker codes" and a pseudorandom address
    for each RADAR, it would be far more sensitive
    than Doppler RADAR, and have a much greater range.

    An I dare say that the hardware and software
    would be simpler, as far fewer correlations
    would have to be made to locate one's position,
    and the positions of moving targets,
    on the map

    Tom Potter

    *** Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006 ***
    *** May 2007 Anti-Bigot Award ***
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