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Hall Effect Sensor

Discussion in 'Sensors and Actuators' started by wpuryear, Apr 17, 2017.

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  1. wpuryear


    Apr 17, 2017
    Could someone explain the effect of duty cycle with hall effect sensors. If a sensors specifications are say, 40 to 90 percent duty cycle, what would be the ramifications of operating at 5 percent ?

    In an application I'm playing with, I have two targets spinning at 900 rpm on a 9 in diameter wheel. Time measurements for the same half revolution are varying about 4% in a chaotic pattern and I'm wondering if being so far below the duty cycle is the problem and why.

    Thanks - Walt
  2. Bluejets


    Oct 5, 2014
    Can you show us the spec. You refer to?
  3. wpuryear


    Apr 17, 2017
    Bluejets - here are the spec sheets for the LCZ260.

    Minder - I didn't see an information in the article that addressed the question. Interesting article tho.

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