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Halfler TA-1600

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [SMF], Mar 27, 2010.

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  1. [SMF]

    [SMF] Guest

    This looks like a good thread to jump into:

    I have a friend that has a Hafler TA-1600. The bass is non-
    existent and every thing else is a bit flat/muted. Each
    channel has a separate board powered by a common, multi-tap,
    dual voltage transformer that outputs ~32 and ~64 VAC with
    120 VAC as the primary.

    The transformer has two input leads and 12 output leads. One
    group of three per board per voltage.

    Each board has two power inputs, comprising the above voltages,
    that contain three leads each that are Red - Black - Red. Red
    to red gives the 32/64 volt for each input, while any red to
    black combination gives half of the red to red voltage in that
    winding group.

    There is not any visible damage to any component.
    Each board sounds identical to the other when isolated.
    This amp is currently disassembled so that I may work
    on each board individually, yet I'm not sure whether
    attempting to save the system is actually worth the bother.

    With reading all of the electrolytic problems that seem to
    be permeating the electronic field, I am seeking information
    to a possible fix, and hope that maybe someone here might
    actually have some experience with the Hafler TA's and
    could point to some resources/give some hints or how to's
    with this unit.



    PS: the voltages listed above are measured voltages. The
    transformer does not have any specs listed on it.
  2. If the sound is identically bad on both channels, that suggests something
    common to both channels, such as the power supply. The possibility that a
    coupling cap has suddenly lost value is unlikely, as the same cap would have
    to fail on both channels.

    I would also look at the /system/ in which the amplifier is installed. The
    lack of bass might be due to an interface problem elsewhere.
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