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H J Orchard has passed away

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by The Phantom, Jul 7, 2004.

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  1. The Phantom

    The Phantom Guest

    P Professor H J Orchard began his career with the British Post Office
    Research Station (the equivalent of Bell Labs in the US). He came to
    the US (UCLA) in 1970. He was one of three people who published papers
    on the design on 90-degree phase shift networks in 1950. I was
    privileged to have an email discussion with him in 1993-1994 about
    these networks. Here is an announcement from his department head at

    The following is a message from Chair Rahmat-Samii:

    Dear Faculty and Staff:

    This is to inform you with great sadness that Prof. John Orchard
    (Professor Emeritus) has passed away. His death was discovered by his
    son who visited him on June 23. Prof. Orchard's wife was out of town
    at that time. She came back on the following day and arranged for a
    cremation, which was done. We just learned about this sad event
    yesterday (June 29).

    Prof. Orchard first came to our Department in 1970. He had served as
    Vice Chair of Graduate Affairs for the last six years until he retired
    in 1991. His dedication to the Department and contributions to the
    IC&S Community were genuine and significant. Last year, he received
    the IEEE CAS Society's Technical Achievement Award, which honors a
    person for his outstanding technical contributions over a period of
    years within the scope of the CAS Society. The citation was, "for a
    sustained record of seminal publications in the field of filter design
    for more than half a century that have contributed theoretical
    breakthrough, new design techniques, and practical advancement."
    Prof. Orchard was an emeritus professor since 1991 and continued to
    work from his office on the 6th floor. His presence and gentle
    personality were very much appreciated. He will surely be missed.

    With sympathy,

    Yahya Rahmat-Samii
  2. Yahya:

    John Orchard was one of my heroes.

    He taught me many things about filters.

    I can only hope that I have paid him due respect in my writings on that

    I for one pray... Rest in Peace John... in that great filter design workshop
    in the sky!

    I hope to meet you in someday in God's filter design workshop...

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