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H bridge loading problems

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by thekaiser11234, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. thekaiser11234


    Jul 8, 2012
    hello guys im new here
    i dont really know if its the right place for the post

    as i have been working on h bridge for awhile its my 1st design as you see below

    using it to control 14amp 24 volt (250 watt) motor

    controlling using Arduino (500hz frequency )

    (1-0) move in 1 direction
    (0-1) other direction
    (1-1) Break

    the upper side is P channel IRF9540 or 9540N i used both

    the lower side is N channel IRF540 or IRF540N also

    for level shifting ( 5 to 12v)
    im using BC547 NPN

    to keep the voltage (VGS and VSG ) for P and N transistors
    im using 12 v zener

    here they name it only by voltage and wattages
    im currently using 1 watt zeners

    the max available is 5 watt

    R zener is 1k in case its not obvious enough !

    the driver works fine without loading
    but if i add them my sort of cart project
    15k load ( current consumed 10-12 amps )

    the motors dont seem to move the transistor HEAT AND HEAT then they blow !

    can you guide me whats the problem

    sorry for the long post ,just hoping for help asap !

    ah the schematic :)

    i'd like to add
    i tried to decrease the load and see whats gonna happen

    the robot moved

    but too slow the first voltage was about 3 v or something and keeps increasing as the motor moving within a noticable speed

    the current drawn is around 5 ampere

    any thoughts ? :S
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