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Gyroscopic Inductance

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    This is a new design for Gyroscopic Inductance circuit for DC current
    production using the gyroscope itself as the induction circuit for
    long term space flight. It will produce Direct current from a
    gyroscope functioning in a zero gravitational field as an inductance
    circuit. The two non-permeable gimbals’ armatures rotate around a
    permanent inner magnet 180 degrees out of phase from one another
    giving 360 degrees of a full rotation that allow a 100% duty cycle
    when precession occurs. A north and south alignment on the spherical
    inner permanent magnet rotates around the central centrifugal spin
    axis witch doubles as a rotor flywheel. I have been working on the
    proto type for 15 years now utilizing nano carbon fiber as the coils
    in the inductor circuit; they are imbedded into the gyro’s non-
    permeable gimbals in a zigzag pattern un-like the coils in an
    induction circuit. Magnetic couplers between the gyroscopes parts
    reduce further fatigue on the motor parts and reduce friction. There
    are strategically placed permeable alloys in the gimbal armatures when
    pulsed with DC current create magnetic field areas that interact with
    the rotor for start, stop and homing of the gimbals. if gravitational
    interference occurs in space flight a dc pulsed circuit 90 degrees
    adjacent from the rotor flywheel controlled with small pulses of
    current to control initial spin and braking on the central rotor while
    motor functions are restored as needed, This design has several viable
    applications for aro space industry. If solar panel deployment fails
    or damages to solar panels this is a solid backup for running the
    system operations of satellites and communication and instrumentation,
    imaging instrumentation devices for space flight.

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  2. Nemo

    Nemo Guest

    OK I am willing to believe this, what puzzles me is
    (minor point) what is gravitational interference?
    Until it runs down. Producing current will drain rotational energy out
    of the system. Or are you claiming it is some form of perpetual energy

    Personally if I were designing a satellite I would be wary of putting
    something spinning at high revs in my delicate assembly. If anything
    went wrong and it broke free it could wreak havoc. I assume satellites
    have gyros for navigational / orientation purposes, but with heavy
    armour around them... (don't really know enough about this). Similarly
    an aircraft won't want something equivalent to a small bomb inside it.
    Imagine the safety certification issues. I do know that gyro storage of
    energy is generally best for big pulses of power, it's not too efficient
    for a high energy density torage device. That's what batteries or, if
    cost is no object, fuel cells are for.
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