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GUIDE PLUS --- Who's in charge?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by joekool1, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. joekool1

    joekool1 Guest

    I have two RCA TVs, for years, with Guide Plus. About two weeks ago,
    the Guide Plus on the 25" started to act flaky, not showing program
    detail. I went through the "99999" reset deal, etc. Then we had a
    black out for about 2 hours. Battery backups faded away.

    After that the 27" TV started to act weird. I got a message that there
    was no signal and to contact cable operator. Despite this message, the
    Guide Plus info displayed correctly.

    In the meantime, I emailed Tiome Warner Cable to see if they had
    dropped the Guide Plus signal. They informed me that Gemstar had full

    Both TVs eventually stopped all Guide Plus program displays,
    indicating could get a signal.

    Yesterday, both TVs came back with correct Guide Plus displays,
    without my intervention.

    1. What is the nature of the Guide Plus signal? Frequency, where does
    it come from, etc.
    2. Who is responsible for fixing problems that must be truly Guide
    Plus related, and how do you contact them? The cable provider says
    "Gemstar." The Gemstar web site doesn't acknowledge that they could
    have a problem, they refer you to TV manufacturers. The TV
    manufacturer can only walk you through the Guide Plus signal check out
    "Catch 22"?

  2. [This followup was posted to and a copy was sent
    to the cited author.]

    The data is transmitted during the VBI part of the video signal on one
    or more TV channels. The TV (or other device) scans channels, looking
    for the frequency.

    Some details here:

    Since it's in the VBI, it's possible for it to be lost if your cable
    company converts or otherwise alters the signal. It's not unusual these
    days for even local channels to be digitized for ADS (analog-digital
    simuilcast, where digital tuners will pick up a digital copy instead of
    the analog), and then reconverted back to analog for transmission to
    analog tuners. Some cable systems are dropping extended basic analog
    channels, and maybe even ALL analog channels (Chicago seems to be the
    first big experiment.)
    The original channel may have had a problem, or it stopped broadcasting
    the data and your TV eventually found another channel.
  3. UHF

    UHF Guest

    Gemstar contracts with PBS member stations to broadcast Guide Plus
    data. Gemstar owns the equipment, and when it fails they send out
    another unit to be swapped in place of the deader.

    As another poster mentioned, it is possible that the cable company is
    stripping out the VBI data for some reason. Many video processors
    have the option of deleting specific VBI lines.
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