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Grid - Sense

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Brett Foster, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. Brett Foster

    Brett Foster Guest

    I'm designing a challenge for a contest run by CIS/CSC at University of
    Guelph. It's a robotics challenge for high school students using stock
    lego mindstorm kits (though this is irrelevent to the question). In an
    effort to make the contest more interesting to the participants I'm
    trying to make the challenges more intelegent/different.

    So to that end, I'm seeking ideas to setup and track the robot within a
    grid. The grid will be 8 by 8 (covering 4 feet by 4 feet or more) and
    must be built in 2 by 2 sections. Each 2x2 section will function
    indepdendent of other sections so that they can be given out to
    experiment with. Here are some ideas we brainstormed:

    - Hall Sensors - the robot would have a small magnet attached before the
    - Light sensor - when robot hovers over the sensor one would expect the
    sensor to show low-light conditions.
    - Even the idea of picking up noise from the DC motor came up while

    Ideally the system should be able to determin if the robot is moving or
    standing still, and should not interfere or require the robot to to be
    built in a particular way, though requiring a magnet be attached, for
    example, would be accpetable. The other consideration is cost -- To put
    the budget in perspective, it will cover the cost of 16 small circuit
    boards and would also cover the cost of hall sensors, and other required
    components, based on prelim calculations. I.e. 2 by 2 - each cicuit
    would monitor 4 sensors.

    I'm looking for ideas, and feedback over the methods of how to
    accomplish this.


    Brett Foster
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