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green cord on circuit board????

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jul 25, 2013.

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    so GE microwave quit heating food....i researched and found out how to change fuse first (did that) still didnt heat food, so i took it all apart replaced the magnetron and got it all back together except i cant remember what this green cord goes to/from on the circuit board....i know one end was screwed to metal bottom and appeared to be a ground ???? i know nothing about electronics..(40 something ER nurse) can anyone tell me where the otherend of this green cord on circuit board wud go to?????thanks!!!
  2. **No.

    It's lucky you are an ER nurse. You'll reconise some faces when they
    wheel you in. That's if you're lucky. More likely, you'll kill yourself.
    Microwave ovens are potentially extremely dangerous items to work on.
  3. Assuming we're not being trolled-

    Well, put it back where you found it. If it's just a ground cable from the
    control board screw it to the chassis. The wire may have a "memory" and
    point you to where it was connected at first. Look at the grease and crap
    on the wires to see where it may have gone. Metal will be clean anyplace
    there was a screw.

    watch out for that filter cap- they need to be shorted before you touch
    anything. Don't trust a bleed resistor- they're just for keeping noise
    levels down when discharging those caps.
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