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Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by The Real Chris, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    I am writing to you to describe some experiments I did 30-40 years ago on a
    "hydrogen engine". It is based on the "debunked" Tesla coil published in
    1930 in his "free electricity" report which ended in him being declared
    insane and they removed the part of his brain in front of his fissure of
    Rolando. I think they should have tested it first.

    I did a simple test at around 10 years old as it is very simple and although
    I thought that I got positive results no-one took any notice and since the
    construction contained a geisler hydrogen tube my grandfather showed me some
    neon lights to explain how they should be used.

    I understand I subjected to similar treatment.

    I did another successful test in about 1967 and received treatment just
    before my sales drive was to commence. (A Psychiatric Nurse was killed by
    radiation sickness when he investigated) then I was subjected to treatment.

    I did another successful test at the Appleton Lab in 1969 but the machine
    exploded in a bunker at Aldermanston when we could no control the reaction.
    Another two were built and one was controllable with a simple knob to alter
    the power level. I was put on other work and told to keep it secret for 30
    years and that it is Strategic and too dangerous for commercial work.

    I believe that if the engine explodes it can be the brightest object in the
    Universe for a short time like an atom bomb.

    I made another one in about 1998 at the University where I worked with the
    help of technical staff and the uncontrolled engine caused the load 500 W
    resistor to glow red hot and while students filed out of the room I
    extinguished it with a magnet.

    I took this reactor to the Culham Laboratory but the secret service arrested
    me outside Reading station and I lost it.

    I built another one that was very low power and controlled by a transistor
    that lit a lamp. I took this to the Culham but they said "bah-rubbish" and
    put it on a rack with all the others and sent me home.

    I received extensive psychiatric treatment and after I retired in 1999 I
    recently built another, I cannot obtain any hydrogen to be the fuel so it
    just sits on the shelf.

    The reason for the prejudice is Christian Mathematics and Luddites. However
    the Moslems were not so inhibited and they looked at the reactor and as it
    can easily by modified into a hydrogen fusion bomb they sort of took notice.

    It worked by hydrogen nuclear fusion and can make up to 10E23 W if you are
    not careful (my calculations). I have been told that the Pakistani Army have
    developed acorn sized lithium bombs using this reactor (the size of a
    domestic power fuse) as a detonator. This acorn bomb can destroy a tank and
    they also have a shoulder launched grenade that can take out a destroyer or
    aircraft carrier. So a man on a rowing boat can totally destroy a guided
    missile ship.

    I am more interested in the Hydrogen Fusion engine.

    I have applied to do a research degree in the subject as a project and I
    would like some funding.

    Take a look at

    I once worked at Aldermanston as an Atomic Weapons designer (junior), but
    left because I do not like killing people, I did however invent the
    plutonium bomb and the neutron bomb and uranium munitions and I deeply
    regret all of them

    We now have $10 lithium bombs that can destroy a city. I deeply regret my

    The use of hydrogen fusion engines would remove the need for coal or oil and
    would make a cheap electric car a very good way of getting around.

  2. Well I'll tell you full details but the bloke, well most of the terrorists
    have dissapeared in a fortnight of nightly police raids. A police car
    acomponied by an ambulance called at addreses all over the place. There
    just not at home now.
  3. Harry, a method similar to this has been used to start a thermonuclear
    explosion. (The electrically ignighted hydrogen bomb that only costs $10 to
    destroy a city) It has always been known. The method I used is similar
    except the reaction is sustained by the use of a tuned circuit.

    In mine the current of the spark is driven by induction.

    I worked on just that at "Aldermanston" UK the Atomic Weapons research
    place, somewhere near Reading UK. I might not be able to find it now, like

    Sounds as though Zeno might do well by looking at my web page where my
    primitive experiments are descibed, I remember ignition required about the
    current you mention, but my first test used a 12 V car battery at 300 A.

    At Aldermanston I used a Fluke HT power supply and a loop of wire round a
    little tube of gas (neon) and used a photocell to estimate the temperature.

    As a joke I say my nuclear hand grenade that required a pp9 was rejected
    because the battery went flat in storage, the modern lithium cell has a 6
    year shelf life so is acceptable.

    I have been informed that the Pakistani Army has them deployed. The use of
    large weapon carrying machines such as tanks, big ships like destroyers, is
    coming to an end because of there ease of destruction by hand held nuclear

    These nuclear explosives are not radioactive.

    However the most useful outcome would be a domestic power unit for each one
    of us and the nuclear fusion powered car.

    The last one I made was stable but generated milliwatts. The latest unit
    sits on the shelf awaiting fuel.

    A major power unit requires a very powerful stabilising circuit, I used a
    shunt controlled by the voltage of the oscillations so that the peak was
    limited to a safe level.

    It is not fail safe and since failure of the limiter may cause a small
    explosion (small because of the limited quantity of fuel) but there is an
    intense radiation (neutron) release if the containment fails, this is
    lethal, it is also very hot.

    I repeat that several people have been killed by the two fatal explosions we

    I think I was given medication to keep me quiet since I wanted to sell the
    engine commercially, it was going up for sale in 1967 as a small domestic
    unit. The dangerous nature of the prospect of every home with its own
    atomic bomb cause such a scare that I was eliminated. In fact the danger is
    exaggerated because a simple shield to contain the mini atomic exposion is
    all that is needed.

    My friend Maia Beloscar was researching these plasma engines in a unit known
    as a "Thermonuclear research unit" of which she was the director. The police
    quickly recognised it as a bomb factory (correctly) and she was
    institutionalised. Her intention was to make power units but thought bombs
    might make more profit. However Maia was ignorant of the fuel of the
    hydrogen bomb and was successfully decieved into ordering the completely
    wrong materials and her ignorance of chemistry made it possible to get her a
    ton of "high explosive" that was actually completely harmless aluminium
    sulphate. The police and the psychiatric service seemed equally ignorant.

    Another friend was much more succesful, he was a business man whom I
    approached regarding the engine but he turned out to be an el-quadar member
    as were many of the students I talked to at the university where I worked,
    and turned his knowlege into a bomb factory in his computer shop, locally
    with his main assembly factory as an industrial unit on a local industrial
    estate. Not far from the unit that Maia set up. His knowlege was limited to
    grade 5 chemistry and instead of lithium hydride he used lithium hydroxide
    that did in fact do just as well and lithium metal was used as the main
    fuel. I was a little surprised that it even slightly worked but like all
    amateur bomb makers his first test was on an empty british tank at an army
    base with the brass watching. It was amazing to see how this acorn sized
    granade completely vapourised a tank with just a white flash with an red
    neon after glow, I think.

    I found out when I went to his computer shop in the next town to fix the
    computer he made for me and arrived in the middle of a conference of moslem
    terrorists sprouting hand guns, one was just back from his london bus bomb
    that failed to explode, he fixed my computer.

    I was introduced to the mini atomic production unit which he did part time
    and put a little dab of lithium hydroxide in his fused sized glass tube
    detonators containing hydrogen with the little 5 turn coil to take the
    current to generate the induced spark in the hydrrogen. This ignition lit
    the lithium hydroxide that ignited the lithium pellet that had a hole to
    take the detonator. He just showed me. I think the design came from
    scientists in pakistan. The shell was brightly coloured plastic, blue or
    red, and there was a magnetic stripe around them to stick thething to a

    The current was gererated by a flash gun mechanism with a current
    transformer to convert the high impedance electrical power to the low
    impendace required for the spark.

    I believe the current was 1000 amps for a very short time like 1/10000 sec.
    That was sufficient.

    I was only intersted in making a power unit to generate electrical energy
    for domestic and commercial purposes for personal profit.


    The MOD knew first.

    I believe the French had all this technology in around 1970.

  4. No, the first one was a psychiatric worker who died of radiation sickness
    (chomosone damage due to neutrons) it took one week. I was found under the
    pile of lead bricks that I used as a shield.

    The second one was in a bunker at a weapons place and I was out of the room
    getting a magnet to kill the plasma flame by spreading it but the red flash
    I saw as I approached and I only saw a red glow in the room where a crowd of
    jounalists and the team were showing it no sign of anything there at all.

    The guard outside closed the door and then there was was the blue flash of
    an electrical discharge as some static occured.

    It was intensly radioactive and it is closed and sealed labled "failed
    containment experiment"


    We were both knocked out.
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