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Graphical LCD and controller questions

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by John Hudak, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. John Hudak

    John Hudak Guest

    I would like some input on graphical LCD panels and controllers:
    1. What 320x240 (, 4.7", 5.5") displays look sharp?
    (e.g.Kyocera TCG057QV1AB-G00, Sharp LQ057Q3DC02, etc.)

    2. What displays have both a color version and monochrome version?

    3. What are some popular controllers? (e.g., Epson S1D13705), perferably
    with a free software graphics library....

    4. Who manufactures the color displays in some of the lower-end Palms?

  2. wangkun

    wangkun Guest

    Dear sir
    this is wangkun,from SHenzhen headlink company ,a leading LC
    manufacturer in mainland China .We can supply a full range of LC
    products from TN,STN ,FSTN LCD panel and modules which tak
    COG,TAB,COB,COF technologies .TO have more informations about ou
    company ,pls go to our website where you can fin
    the items you have interesting in
    Best regards

    Shenzhen Headlink Technology Co.,Lt
    Address:10A,Haiyuege,Huijing Garden,Shennan West Road,Nansha
    District,Shenzhen ,China P.C.:51805
    Mobile: 86-1359019819
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