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Graphene Micro Supercapacitors

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by amdx, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. amdx

    amdx Guest

    An interesting article about micro capacitor manufacturer.

    "These micro-supercapacitors, made from a one-atom-thick layer of
    graphitic carbon, can be easily manufactured and readily integrated into
    small devices such as next-generation pacemakers"

  2. Guest

    Synopsis: A laser-printed 1-atom thick planar graphene super-cap, with
    interdigitated electrodes for high surface area, written by a
    LightScribe DVD-writer. Cool.

    One wonders how you connect to them...
  3. If you go to Nature communications you can at least see the figures in
    the article.
    (February issue.)

    George H.
  4. Sounds like just the thing for a "next-generation pacemakers". One
    atom separating you from death.
  5. Guest

    "Honey, I squished the one-atom-thick capacitor?"

    "[D]ecedent was punched in the atom-thick capacitor. Tragically, it
  6. Guest

    Thanks. Pictures here:

    It's too bad they charge $32 for the .PDF. I know Nature needs to
    survive, but OTOH, as a consumer of their product it's too easy to go
    broke buying cold fusion hoax articles and the like. The quality of
    academic publications is, um, unreliable, at best. (Or "reliably
    bad," if you prefer.

    $32 a pop leaves loads of kids who could be tomorrow's innovators
    locked out.
  7. At the last APS March meeting I signed up for a year subscription to
    Nature for $60 (I think.. it might have been $80). 'In principle' I
    was also supposed to get on-line access to all their articles. But I
    ran into several road-blocks when I tried to get it to work.. and just
    gave up. In a year I could down loda a lot of nice articles... of
    course I never know what I'm going to want tomorrow.

    It would be nice if after (say) 20 or 30 years all the old articles
    were free.

    George H.
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