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gps technical information

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    im in the need to design and develop a GPS receiver. but currently i
    dont have much technical knowledge in the subject. im looking for some
    internet resources where i can get a good understanding about the
    implementation side of it (with out much theory).

    hope someone can point some resources.

  2. Mook Johnson

    Mook Johnson Guest

    You do know that you can buy the modules for ~$50 each nowadays. even
    cheaper in Qtys.

    Check out Mighty GPS

    and DeluoElectronics
  3. dalai lamah

    dalai lamah Guest

    Un bel giorno digitò:
    The first site to mention about do-it-yourself GPS is of course Clifford

    Googling for "open source GPS" gives you a lot of interesting results:
    Hmmm, that's gonna hurt. :)
  4. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    As far as actually designing it, you may as well decide to climb
    Everest with no mountaineering training. You can probably get a
    reference design from one of the GPS chip-set makers, and basically
    copy it.

  5. Guest

    This seems like great. please let me know if you have any experiance
    with this module.
    thank you for the info.
  6. What you need to look at is the NMEA protocol.
    There is zero sense in designing a GPS yourself,
    there are plenty of different modules on the market.

  7. mook Johnson

    mook Johnson Guest

    I use a furono (Sp?) module that is bery similar but smaller. Very easy to
    use. supply power and read the signal with the serial port on any uC.

    The datasheet tells you which format. NMEA or binary. NMEA is good if you
    plan on switching between GPS suppliers as it is a standard protocol. It is
    "fluffy" though and is sent as ascii characters and you have to convert them
    to binary befoure you can do any math in the parameters (if you need to).
    Most modules also offer a binary mode that is already converted but eth
    binary nodes are usually not standard across brands.
  8. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    posted to
    And there you have it. You can use modules, or you can learn a
    shitpot of theory. Choose.
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