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GPS Hookup to USB

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Len Krauss, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. Len Krauss

    Len Krauss Guest

    Thus far I've side-stepped legendary compatibility problems with hooking my
    Garmin 48 GPS to notebook PC by always using 9-pin serial port. Never had to
    experience the trial and error of of USB connection.

    As everyone knows, it's getting to the point where virtually no low-end
    notebook PC's have 9-pin serial ports.

    Has this GPS-USB hookup problem now been reliably addressed by whatever
    means ( XP op system, Garmin software, etc)???

    Comments would be appreciated as I'm getting to the point where a new
    notebook PC may be in my future and it's unlikely to have 9-pin serial port.

  2. Faced with the same problem on my new laptop, and a usb-to-serial converter
    that would work fine with Win98 and Win ME, I thought all I had to do was
    load the software to my Win XP-Pro machine.

    Alas, the OS rejected the drivers, and gave dire warnings that the laptop
    might explode if I proeeded to load the older driver.

    A search through the Net revealed that the driver manufacturer had been
    taken over about 4 times, eventually finishing up as the subsidiary of a
    subsidiary of Intel. Result- no drivers for Win XP.

    I went onto Ebay and found a supplier of new usb -to-serial converters, with
    a WinXP- compatible driver, and am pleased to say all is well! My new laptop
    works with my Garmin, no problems. Cost me about £15UK.

    Remove "nospam" from return address.
  3. Get a cable that is USB at the PC end and Serial at the GPS end. I saw one
    advertised in today's paper, probably at Fry's. If they have it, any PC
    place hould have it.
  4. Didn't know there was such a thing! TheGarmin plug wired to a USB plug?
  5. JGS

    JGS Guest

    It is not uncommon but more often the rule that a USB to Serial Driver does
    not have the M$ stamp of approval. I have installed numerous USB to RS232
    converters and have yet to find one that comes with a M$ certification. I
    just ignore the warning and install the driver. Never ever had any problems.

    We use the laptops for industrial Automation Control systems and I used it
    for connecting a new laptop to an old GPS II.

  6. I find that most, if not all USB/Serial converters have drivers for both
    MacOS and WinDoz (98-XP) available on the net. I use them all the time
    for GPS connections and other serial type connections, and they work
    very well for me.

    Bruce in alaska
  7. WaIIy

    WaIIy Guest

    maybe that will help

  8. I tried this (ignoring the warning), but the driver refused to work, and I
    got frequent warnings about the driver file from WinXP, so I deleted it.

    The new one works fne.
  9. JGS

    JGS Guest

    On Sun, 05 Dec 2004 23:32:08 GMT, "Dennis Pogson"


    Sounds like you had some of the hair pulling "fun" I too have enjoyed with

    Congratulations. Glad to hear it worked out for you.

  10. Jack Erbes

    Jack Erbes Guest

    There has been a lot of interest in adapting Garmin GPS to various
    ports. I think Garmin has two or more proprietary plugs called
    something like the "eTrex plug" and the "round four pin" plug. There
    are adapters for those to DB-9 and USB serial ports. A web search will
    bring up a lot of info on this:

  11. Doug Dotson

    Doug Dotson Guest

    I've been using a Keyspan USA-49W under XP with no problems.

    s/v Callista
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