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GPS Chart Plotters - Standard Horizon? Others?

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Larry Weiss, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. Larry Weiss

    Larry Weiss Guest

    Hey folks ... remember me?

    Our Simrad CP32 DGPS chart plotter has a permanently mounted internal
    battery that died last year. It now thinks its in Fort Lauderdale
    whenever we turn it on (wishful thinking perhaps?) and it takes about
    ten minutes before it gets disappointed and figures out where we really
    are. Battery replacement requires a return to Simrad and a hundred
    bucks plus shipping (although I've been considering doing it myself).
    So I'm thinking that, since I'm frustrated with the monochrome screen
    anyway, and it does not have WAAS (although it does receive
    differential) maybe its time for a new GPS chartplotter.

    The Standard Horizon units have definitely caught my eye. Our VHF is a
    Standard Horizon and it is definitely first class. The prices certainly
    seem right. The screens seem to refresh quickly. Looks like they're
    easy to program and visible in sunlight. Local boat show is this
    weekend and there are deals to be had. Wondering if anyone's had
    experience with Standard Horizon GPS chart plotters - good or bad? Any
    other recommendations?

    Larry Weiss
    "...Ever After!"
    "a little after..."

    ps: Anyone interested in the Simrad? (It is a good unit really - will
    work fine with a new battery).
  2. When I was looking at units, about 2 years ago, my impression was that the
    screen size of the Standard Horizon units was small for the amount of money
    they wanted. I ended up buying a Garmin 182C and am very pleased with it.
  3. Ship Skipper

    Ship Skipper Guest

    If you would like to donate it to the Sea Scouts let me know and I'll send
    you the mailing address.
  4. Doug Dotson

    Doug Dotson Guest

    We have a NAVMAN and love it! Uses CMAP-NT+.

    s/v Callista
  5. WaIIy

    WaIIy Guest

    Like they say... me too. The Garmin Blue Charts are hard to beat.

    If I had to do it over again, I'd go with a bigger screen and the new
    Raymarine stuff is very interesting.
  6. Hello

    I go to the temple this week-end. (boat store)

    and I do devotions and prayer

    Then I tink the best for the price and my navigation project
    (Canada to Florida, Bahamas, Carabian and more if possible)

    Standard Horizon 175C (the best screen I see) with the pc software and
    memory card and the C-MAP NT+.

    I found good price on the internet.
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