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GPIB board drivers for Solaris

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by David Kirkby, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. David Kirkby

    David Kirkby Guest

    Are there any freely available GPIB board drivers for Solaris using a
    National Instruments PCI based GPIB board?

    They are on the National Instruments web site

    but are not free - in fact, the drivers at £395 are slightly more
    expensive than the card itself!!

    It seems I would need part# 778027-01.

    Just wondering if anyone is aware of any other solutions? I only want
    this for home use, so are not going to spend that sort of money on drivers.

    Running Solaris 9 here.

    Dr. David Kirkby
  2. David Kirkby

    David Kirkby Guest

    I should have added I want this for Solaris 9 SPARC not on x86,
  3. John  Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    RS-232 to GPIB boxes show up on ebay, usually cheap.

  4. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Thanks for that. I don't need fast speed, so serial should do, but I'd
    rather a direct GPIB solution if I can find one, but I am not going to
    pay £395 for drivers. That seems to be taking the Mic a bit.
  5. There is a reason for avoiding Solaris whenever possible unless forced by
    corporate rulez - in which case corporate can bloody well pay up!
  6. Just use a crappy old PC, bung it on your network and run the
    linux-gpib drivers on it. I wouldn't pay extra for drivers either.

  7. Well, it's the first time I've ever seen a hardware company charge
    extra for the drivers.

  8. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I quite like Solaris so that in itself is no reason to "avoiding Solaris
    whenever possible". I might be a case to not use Solaris in this
    instance, but that is a very different issue.
  9. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I don't think this is totally unknown in the Pee Cee world, as I think
    some graphics cards manufactuers have been known to make a nominal
    charge for Linux drivers, but a quick google could not find evidence of

    But NI are taking the **** a bit. This is not a "nominal charge" but
    more than the cost of the hardware, as the NI card, with Windoze XP
    drivers is £390. You can possibly buy the card with only Solaris drivers
    for less than £390+£395=£785, but I have not checked that.

  10. Do you think some marketroid goofed and the £395 price is for card +
    driver? It might be worth asking, if you can find an intelligent human
    to speak to, however improbable that is.

    I recall one UK company had a VCR listed for £2365 for three days before
    someone noticed.
  11. heh -

    I hate Solaris, but OK, that is an irrational grudge from all the way back
    from SUNOS and all the known bugs they refused to fix Then "because one
    should "upgrade" to Solaris - which at that time did not even have
    functional *Tools* - all the better to extract $$$$$$ for the "Support

    SUN would be nice IF they grew a Brain, but they are still too moneyed for
    that ;-)
  12. Dave

    Dave Guest

    No, it is definitely not an error.
    I just phoned NI to confirm it and did get an intelligent human being -
    I wish it was the same with my bank!!

    I was quoted £790 for the GPIB board for Solaris - part number is

    Interestingly, you can buy the Windoze card and Solaris drivers for a
    total of £785, which is £5 less than you can buy the Solaris card with
    Solaris drivers!

    I'm 99.9% sure they are the same physical card. Data at

    Oh, and by the way, an update from the previous version of the driver is

    NI let you submit instrument drivers for Labview which is very generous
    of them. I doubt they pay £395 for a driver - in fact, I doubt they pay
    you at all, although I can't confirm that.

    Does anyone know if you need a GPIB driver if you have Labview? We have
    a license at work for Labview, on all platforms including Solaris. I
    wonder if a GPIB driver would be needed then, or if Labview would
    install its own.
  13. Casper,

    NI provides drivers for Windows and Linux and OS/X for free and
    charges for Solaris (SPARC only) and a couple of other UNIX variants.

    We use some of the NI GPIB-Ethernet devices in our optics lab.
    Our software runs on SPARCs and hardware/software drivers have been
    good under Solaris without the "fun" bluescreen crashes with Windows
    (NT and later 2000) using the same software (Windows drivers from NI).
    Later Windows drivers appear better (but not perfect). So maybe you
    get what you pay for :)

    Software stability is useful when you are running expensive and
    very hard to replace hardware (NIST calibrated lamps, etc).

    I would like to see Sun lobby NI for support of X86 Solaris for at
    least their PCI-GPIB boards and the GPIB-Enet (Ethernet to GPIB)
    boxes. I've made telephone and written requests without even an
    answer ...

  14. "Frithiof Andreas Jensen"
    You obviously never worked for a company that viewed customers as
    revenue streams or had to make a profit. Can't sell more hardware?
    What about this new OS upgrade? Why not charge for fixing bugs in the
    old OS and make everyone use the new one? Genius!

    There will be people kvetching about any decision a company makes,
    regardless of what it is. Interesting that you still "have issues" with
    Sun's decisions about SunOS 4 -> Solaris migration. Are there other
    places in your life where you have trouble "letting go"?
  15. I wonder what part of the world you live in, that a company doesn't need
    to make money to stay in business. Not that Sun has been doing so well
    in that regard lately...
  16. Have you considered modifying the Linux driver for Solaris?
  17. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I doubt I have the knowledge. I know nothing about the inertals of Linux
    , or writing Solaris drivers.

    Sure a free Solaris driver would be nice, but if there is not one, and I
    can't get one free, then I will use an old PC and probably OpenBSD, as
    someone has written some code for OpenBSD that controls the instrument I
    want, and will be doing with it what I want to do.
  18. Yeah, I didn't want to go there. Blaming us for not fixing bugs in
    SunOS 4.x how many years later?

  19. I read in that Casper H. S. Dik
    Actually very similar to gospel, then.
  20. Entirely not bad enough, apparantly:

    Just a few months ago I wanted to License i.e. Pay Money For the SUN Java
    Distributed Management Toolkit, so I emailed the sales support on the
    corporate web page, being in Denmark and all one would need the local

    Guess What - No Reply!!

    Manking an *extreme* effort and looking up a local subsidiary, phoning the
    guys, iterating through many departments whoms responsibility it was not and
    finally "being called back".

    Well, No Call Back, must not be worth the USD 5000.
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