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Gould 450 Oscilloscope

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by L. Crama, May 29, 2006.

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  1. L. Crama

    L. Crama Guest

    I am looking for the service documentation of a GOULD Oscilloscope (DSO)
    450. Can anyone help me with a copy of it or tell me the value of
    resistor R749? It' s burned out.

    Ing. L. Crama
  2. Phil J

    Phil J Guest

    Don't have a manual but have a 450 that needs repair.
    R749 reads 28 ohms (red vio blk brn) and measures 27.4.
    If you ever find a manual, let me know. Jeez, did Gould
    even have service manuals for their DSO's ?

    Phil J
  3. L. Crama

    L. Crama Guest

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the resistor value! Violet is 7 so you have to read 27 Ohms.
    Of course Gould has manuals but don' t sell copies of them. They asked
    me to send my oscilloscope for repair but that is to expensive! More
    than 1000 Euro' s.
    I have searched the whole internet for a manual but no succes. When I
    ever find a manual I think of you.
    Now I try to repair the oscilloscope by finding damaged components. The
    score is 2 resistors and one short cicuited transistor, responsible for
    the burned out 27 Ohm resistor.
    I put new components in and turn it ON!!
    Thanks for your help and response,

    Ing. L. Crama
    University of Leiden, Netherlands
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