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Good way to go? Fisher G3M45250

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by glasnostJDC, Apr 9, 2004.

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  1. glasnostJDC

    glasnostJDC Guest

    Hello, I just want to check my line of logic on working with this set, its
    my first time with its type of problem (most have been in the SMPS). The
    problem is the green is too strong, blue and red look fine, on a test
    pattern there is bleeding. So this is how I've started, found a moderate
    amount of dust all over (compared to PC's I've worked on ;-)) I discharged
    the TV and then cleaned off all the dust. 2nd I checked and resoldered
    solder joints on the main board and then the neck board. Problem still
    present, went to sams site and got the color balance
    adjustment guide line, which is what I'm doing next, after that ( if I still
    have the problem) I want to see if the problem is on the neck board or the
    main board. This is what I'm thinking of doing, I'm thinking of switching
    the red and green inputs on the neckboard. If it's still green its the main
    board, if its red its the neck board (I'm not positive about this so that's
    why I'm checking). I'm pretty sure from there its just a matter of time to
    track down the component. Does this sound like the right way to go, I feel
    it is but want to make sure. Thanks for all of your help.

    Chassis: G3M45250 (also G4L46200 is suppose to be similar)
    Model: PC4525 (also used in PC4520)
  2. David

    David Guest

    Actually you would be better off swapping the green and red going into the
    crt. Odds are from that symptom that the failure is the picture tube. Once
    the tube is ruled out, then move to troubleshooting the circuitry.

  3. glasnostJDC

    glasnostJDC Guest

    Thanks, I just checked and it is the tube :-(. I do have a cap to
    charge up to try and blow out the short but I was woundering what is the
    best way to charge the cap? I have no high voltage power supplys, I have a
    idea but would like a suggestion on the best way to build a quick one or the
    best source to use (example, a source in the TV). Thanks David for your

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