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Good Sounding Audio Amp?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by gene ohara, Jul 18, 2003.

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  1. gene ohara

    gene ohara Guest

    Would like to build a good sounding audio amp using readily available

    Appreciate any suggestions concerning past or present commercial audio
    amps that meet these criteria.


  2. Ben Bradley

    Ben Bradley Guest

    I think this link is interesting:

    There are many more schematics on the web, just search in google.
  3. Ben Bradley

    Ben Bradley Guest

    No I haven't. It's yet another item on a long to-do list.
  4. Gary Lecomte

    Gary Lecomte Guest

    Good Power Amp schematics are a dime a dozen, but Good speaker Systems
    are more important if you want low distortion and good sound. And they
    are harder to get.

    Take care......Gary
  5. gene ohara

    gene ohara Guest


    Thank you very much for the excellent links!!

    Have you built any of these or others?

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