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GM car radio

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    For those who don't know, I like old things. I have an 89 Park Avenue,
    and the right channel is out on the stereo. Surprisingly the cassette
    works prefectly.

    Scrapped a 90 Olds Delta 88 not too long ago, and today I had my guy
    take the dash out, and I have discovered that the plugs are different.
    At first I figured I would just throw the amp board in from the other
    radio, but now I have my doubts.

    The plugs are different, but it has heatsink, so it has the amp
    inside. I know how hard it is to get DM165s, if that is what it uses.

    I noted the number when it was out of course, 16073584.

    The other radio had a good amp, had blown the front speakers, but had
    a system problem, it was leaking standby voltage to the ACC line. That
    problem is not going to be on the amp board, but IIRC (I used to work
    on these things) the amp board wires directly to the output plugs. If
    this is so then I can't use the whole board, but maybe I could use the
    chips. Unless they're DM185s, and this has me a bit out of it.

    It seems the DPL isn't working. If the DPL lines are all tied together
    is the bad chip clamping it down ? Or does the 16073584 lack DPL ?
    Actually I don't care too much, I just want two channels because I got
    two ears. I am not putting a new stereo in it. I don't want it. I want
    this one to work.

    Anybody got a price on a DM 185 ? what like eighty bucks or
    something ? I might spend that. I'd rather do that than screw
    everything up, but if I screw it all up, you have NO IDEA what I'll
    do. If I replace the stereo in that car I will probably go to jail. I
    just want the factory one to work right, and I don't want to have to
    lock my car.

    The portable CD player and the cass-dapter will be under the seat, if
    they fit, if not under the pimprest.

    So GM radiio techs, or ex-GM radio techs, what are my options ? I
    don't think this is one of these systems like in the Caddilacs, with
    amps all over the place, and how is it that ALL of the right speakers
    are out at the same time then ?

    Got any chips ? I hope they're not 185s, if so I'll have to look into
    other solutions unless someone has one to sell. I think I got a few
    good 165s.

    Suggestions ? [ ]


  2. JR North

    JR North Guest

    Common vibe-induced failure in car decks. Since you have both channels
    in tape, look to the tuner board solder connections to the amp section.
    The tuners are usually 90° to the main board in car radios,(not implying
    GM is so...) so vibration weakens the solder joints there.

  3. Guest

    No no no JR, I have the same problem in the casssette. Perhaps I did
    mis-say that. The front rihgt channel works just a little bit, and
    what I ment by the cassette working perfectly is within the
    parameters. It is still unbalanced.

    With a commecially recorded tape of good quality the sound is
    essentially the same as the radio. The right channel is out, but puts
    out a little bit. If I turn the balance all the way to the right and
    turn it all the way up I got stereo.

    If I turn the balance in the middle the left channel sounds great, but
    the left channel is very low.

    If have a blown DM165 I will change it If it is a 185 I do not have
    one. If that is so there is nothing I can do, so I will look into
    other opotions.

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