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Global warming

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Danny, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Danny

    Danny Guest

    Nobody that knows the true facts tells the full facts, and simply skip over
    the nasty bits.
    Yes global warming could end the world, then so could Nuclear Bombs.
    So we have lived with many scenarios, it is known that a Nuclear conflict
    would cause death and destruction, but also global warming riding on a
    Yet what is overlooked is the chain of events of global warming, like many
    problems if the end results are anaylised there often lays the possible
    The end of earth would be with an overwhelming release of methane gas, this
    would shoot up the temperature even higher setting off a cascade of events
    that turn us into a Venus like twin.
    So we must control Methane gas production vented into the atmosphere which
    is 27 times more harmful than Carbon Dioxide.
    Methane is the product of decaying Bio mass,
    all living things produce Methane throughout their lives, which the earth
    normally is able to contend and cope with.
    But we have huge populations huge factory produced Pigs, Chickens, Cattle,
    etc. all producing masses of Methane.
    Very little of of this fuel is collected, yet it is a very simple task, a
    valuable resource is going to waste and is fueling global warming.
    Human waste is leaking into our atmosphere in the form of Methane, again a
    very valuable fuel which is clean in use, is adding to the global warming
    effect [ 27 times more damaging than a car exhaust pound for pound ].
    Regard the massive amounts of methane locked in the ground and at the bottom
    of the seas, again the earth seems to be able to contend with the odd geo
    disturbance, but the balance is fine and again depends on overal
    The answer is with us produce Methane for fuel in cars, Trains and Power
    stations etc. stop global warming.
  2. Whenever somebody starts up with this sort of thing, I can tell they're not
    very interested in the "true facts".
    Actually, wrong. Global warming will not - in the wildest of scenarios -
    end the world. Nuclear war could conceivably destroy all life on the
    planet. Global warming, at worst, will simply destroy what passes for
    civilization - it's not even likely to make Homo Sapiens extinct. That
    doesn't mean we can safely ignore it.
  3. Me

    Me Guest

    then "Please" do the planet a favor, and end YOUR existance as soon as
    possible........ as you state above, the Planet will be better off
    without YOU.....

    Me one who loves graduates from the Idiot's R' Us School.....
  4. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Don't be silly. It will do no such thing.

  5. Me

    Me Guest

    Well, there you go........ are you still around? What, didn't take your
    own advice? Why not? Hmmmmm, just like the Mulla's in Iran.... Good
    Advice, but only for OTHERS.......

    Me one who loves graduates from the Idiot's R' Us School.....
  6. Me

    Me Guest

    No, I am just wondering why HippoCrats, like YOU, always give advice to
    others, that they will not take themselves...... Seems rather ODD....

    Me one who loves graduates from the Idiot's R' Us School....
  7. Me

    Me Guest

    I got bored dealing with a Morooon, (Bugs Bunny definition) who doesn't
    take his own advice.....

    Me bored, and moved on..... what's your excuse.......
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