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Global warming in New England..

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jeff Johnson, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson Guest

    Gore has been aweful silent lately... hopef... I mean, maybe he died?
  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    AS many of you may already know, up here in CT, MA etc. We've
    just had a crap load of global warming fall on us!

    I hope spring and summer well take for ever to get here, because I
    can't imagine how much worst, this global warming can get!

  3. Is there so great a need to start AGW threads in SED on basis of major
    snowfalls that such a thread gets started on basis of a blizzard that
    Boston got, but so far sounding to me not as bad as roughly 4 others
    that Boston got between the beginning of 1978 and the beginning of 2010?
  4. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson Guest

    Considering that proponents of AGW could ruin humanity with their insanity,
    yes, it does seem important to keep pointing out how we were almost drove
    off a cliff and by whom. Maybe so it's less likely to happen again.

    Remember, we were told that the earth was heating up and we would should
    start expecting summer like conditions in winter. Instead the opposite is
    happening. Of course now they want to call it "global climate change" since
    that seems to be a bit more convincing. Of course we all know that the
    climate changes but I guess some are just finding that out?
  5. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Well, silly me! I thought that stuff was denialist propaganda! ;-)

  6. amdx

    amdx Guest

    I'm in North Florida, we had another night with freezing temperatures,
    it's 24*F right now, and I'm within a mile of the moderating coastal waters.
    I'm asking everyone to pray for global warming, I moved from Michigan,
    I thought I was getting away from cold weather..
  7. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    Being in NH, personally this has been a typical year. I've seen years
    when we've had 30+ inches of the white crap on the ground for new
    years, and I've seen years when we've had 2 inches total for the
    entire winter.

    I've seen temperatures where the ice was never really safe all winter,
    I've seen winters (like this one) where people were on the ice well
    before Christmas with only a few of them falling through to an icy

    As to AGW, it's the weather. What the problem is amounts to a group of
    people who will do anything for fame, power and wealth, people like Al
    Gore who has made millions on his global warming scams (he is
    absolutely one of the biggest con artists that has ever come around,
    playing on people's ignorant fears, to get laws and treaties passed to
    help him make big money.)

    Anyway, after I finish here, I'm off to plow a bunch of this global
    warming and push it off to the side of a bunch of driveways. All with
    my polluting huge truck, with those fun flashing strobe lights!
  8. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    Bill--stop drinking Al Gore's coolaid!
  9. Exactly.

    Queensland stopped building the flood defences recommended after the
    1974 because AGW meant they would never be needed. Instead they built
    desalination plants (mothballed) to cope with the expected water

    Every alarmist who opposed the flood defences should be hanging from a
    streetlamp. They are guilty, literally, of murder.
  10. wilby

    wilby Guest

    We need to remember that all that snow was recently moisture in some big
    clouds. That moisture came from evaporation from large bodies of water
    such as oceans.

    In areas where the oceans are warmer than normal, greater evaporation
    occurs. Greater evaporation means one thing, more rain/snow when that
    warm and wet cloud encounters cold air somewhere, such as CT & MA.

    Ask Australia what happens there when the Pacific & Indian oceans are
    overly warm.

    "Global warming" doesn't ever mean that everyone will experience the
    same few degrees of upward temp change everywhere. It means that some
    areas will be warmer by several degrees and some areas may not feel the
    temp change. It is a global temp average.

    It also means that everyone will feel the extended effects even though
    it may not be a temp change in their area. It can easily be huge storms,
    or vast drought in normally wet areas.

    I'm in the western us and here we are seeing much dryer winters where
    farmers and water using businesses are starting to wonder how bad it
    will get.

    In my own back yard I can see mourning doves sitting in a tree. This was
    absolutely never seen during my younger days. They flew south before
    August ended. Now they winter over right here. I'm hoping that penguins
    don't follow them.

  11. Les Cargill

    Les Cargill Guest

    I'm not sure we really know. I'm in Central Florida, and the 2005-2007
    period saw lots of hurricanes - insurance rates went up, all that.

    Haven't had so much as a glimpse of one since. Climate isn't
    The Western US was going to get dry no matter what. It was settled
    by Europeans during an uncharacteristically wet period. About
    the second winter in Nebraska ( which is not really in the
    West, but on the periphey of it ) was the Great White Winter,
    in which record snowfall ensued.

    SFAIK, the reason the Anasazi left the West was because of
    (pre-industrial) dryness.
  12. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson Guest

  13. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson Guest

    So all those blizzards in the past were due to global warming too? Even
    before the industrial revolution?
  14. "Global warming in New England"
    has a certain ring, not sure what it means though.
  15. North Florida gets winter. On long term average, January temperature in
    Jacksonville is almost halfway from that of Miami to that of Boston. And
    it's been that way at least for decades. Occaisionally, North Florida
    even gets a bit of snow.
  16. Can you cite this?

    There are 5 major indices of global temperature, with 4 of those 5 being
    widely mentioned. I am expecting 1 of these 4 to be just now coming in or
    about to come in as hottest, barely past 1998. 2 others are in, 2nd to
    1998, and only covering 33 years. Another biggie longer-term one is
    likely to come in 2nd to 1998, likely to be announced in about or a little
    over a week from now.

    As for with 5-year smoothing - we had a peak around 2004-2005. There
    are good prospects for little or no warming from that one, some fair
    chance of .05-.1 degree C of cooling from that time all the way to
    2030-2035. This is because a significant part of the temperature run-up
    from 1973 to 2005 is from multidecadal oceanic oscillations that are
    expected to be on downturn against the warming trend until 2030-2035. In
    addition, the sun is showing fair sign of entering a "Dalton class"
    minimum of solar activity.

    If CO2 has as much effect as IPCC expects, then the world will continue
    to warm through the next 25 years of temporary natural cooling factors.
    If it has 50-60% as much effect on global temperature instead, as I
    expect, then the world can fail to warm at all until after 2030-2035, or
    may even cool slightly until 2030-2035, then warm a majority of a degree C
    from then to 2070 as the natural cycles go back on upswing.

    Should 2070 be less than a degree C warmer than we are now, expect
    much less than another additional degree C of warming from 2070 to 2100,
    with oceanic multidecadal stuff at least mostly no longer continuing their
    next upswing. And probably not a whole lot after 2100 due to fossil fuels
    being mostly already consumed well before 2100.

    Let's see if the recent stagnation of global warming continues for a few
    more years, and then IPCC forecasts will be forced into adjustment to a
    milder forecast of global warming.

    One thing to keep in mind is that less than 2 degrees C of warming from
    1961-1990 "baseline" is "largely considered safe" for Greenland's thick
    ice sheet. For one thing, the Minoan Warm Period (peaking ~1000 years BC)
    is by most accounts slightly warmer than the 1998-2010 stretch, and there
    were even warmer times in the previous 2-3 millennia, due to the
    Milankovitch cycles being more favorable to warmth then than now.
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