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global tepid

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by RichD, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Mahipal

    Mahipal Guest

    Which part of above do you need help with to make sense for you?
  2. Guest

    Obviously you're just here trolling. Have fun!
  3. Mahipal

    Mahipal Guest

    Obviously your mother is just trolling, Idiot.
  4. Guest

    My mother has never said anything as dumb, as you just did, moron.
    Don't forget your goulashes. The pond is wet.
  5. Mahipal

    Mahipal Guest

    At least you don't delete contents. Still you're useless since you
    only make false accusations which you have no ability to defend.

    The high unemployment rates prove altruism is dead.
  6. Guest

    Nice projection, Bhopal. You're the one who made the asinine
    statement and didn't have the decency to elaborate. The only possible
    conclusion is that you're a troll.
    Repeating your idiocy just proves the point; you're an idiot.
  7. Mahipal

    Mahipal Guest

    Interesting reference this Bhopal incident. Por que?
    Re-demonstrating your sensitivity proves what I said to be true.

    The high unemployment rates prove altruism is dead.
  8. Guest

    As long as you're trolling, might just as well have fun.
    No, just continuing your idiocy.
    Repeating a lie doesn't make the truth. Lefties like to think so,
  9. Mahipal

    Mahipal Guest

    Look, it's snowing outside my window. I've got internet to serve
    mankind all night long. As do you too. O well. So Bhopal rhymed with
    Mahipal. Not my problem. Nice you got rhyme in your mind. Must make
    your right?
    You are beneath the levels my idiocy can reach.
    As if the righties never repeat a word. So true, and I agree, that
    they the righties do not think. Keep the words coming you nameless

    The high unemployment rates prove altruism is dead. Deal with it.
  10. Guest

    Sucks to be you.
    Look, loser, you're the one who's repeating a lie, hoping that someone
    will think it's true.
  11. Mahipal

    Mahipal Guest

    Can't and will not argue that. Duh.
    You are the one hoping that I lie. Fyi, I am not repeating anything. I
    authored the line that bothers you to the core.
    I as an individual am no proof of the statistics in the News and its
    nearest sister Social Media. Deal with it you nameless Mother Idiot
    Twit (MIT). Or do you not know how to use punctuation?
  12. Guest

    No, I can't argue how much it sucks to be you.
    You do lie. Live with it.
    IOW, you're another idiot troll. Now run along and troll elsewhere.
  13. Mahipal

    Mahipal Guest

    Speaking of trolls...
    Speaking of trolls...
    Pot Kettle Speaking of Black trolls... Good riddance.
  14. actually, there is no definitive line between weather & climate,
    that I have ever seen. anyway, when I started reading *Science*
    in the mid-'80s, it just so-happened that the terminology was
    changing at that moment.

    what used to be known as the quasibiennial southern oscillation (QSO).
    with a periodicity of about 26 months, came to be called El Nino-
    southern oscillation
    or ENSO. apparently, the QSO became chaotic.

    I say this as not being a Denierist nor a Confirmerist, but
    as a student of teh Quaternary Period -- you be when -- although
    I do aver that there is no proper idiom of "global" warming.
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