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global tepid

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by RichD, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    He's certainly not precise in his expression, and seems to harbour
    quite a few ideas that aren't reality based.
    Been there, done. Marvin the Martian obviously hasn't.
  2. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    Such as geology and evolitionary biology?
    John Larkin doesn't really appreciate that systems which have chaotic
    sub-elements may not themselves be either chaotic or unpredictable.
    We've been trying to educate him on this point fro some years now, but
    without success.
    And in a way that even John Larkin can undersand.
  3. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    Probably not, but you could provide a lot of innocent amusement by
    By which he means that I point out when he gets stuff wrong - as he
    often does when he ventures outside of electronics.
    I claim to be still designing stuff today - sadly not for money.
    Too true.
    There aren't, and there are more useful things that John Larkin could
    do with what imagination he's got, such as dreaming up original
    insults, rather than stealing other people's.
  4. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    Krw is stupid enough that even the other right-wing nitwits have
    Krw *really* doesn't know very much.
    As opposed to the rest of Walmart staff? That would be an interesting
    way to run a retail business, but then again, Walmart management is
    known for being less than helpful and nice to their employees, which
    may rub off.
  5. hda

    hda Guest

    BS evades or smears.

    BS shows a reading - comprehension problem, or what ?
  6. SoothSayer

    SoothSayer Guest

    Burr Brown (new ownership now tho) instrumentation op amp.

    Zetex finals.
  7. Guest

    Correct. They're still using the name, though.
  8. Unum

    Unum Guest

    Good. You're a denialist, we'll just leave it at that.
    You need to cinch that hat on a little tighter. Its all a
    conspiracy, you know. You can tell someone is trying to
    perpetrate a scam because - there's no sign of a scam.
    Sneaky! Same exact thing with political agendas.
    I was mainly interested in the hat. Do you go for the round
    or the pointy style? What planet do the messages come from?
    I didn't claim anything was in the thread other than what
    people have already written. I will claim that whatever was
    in the thread does exist.
    In the past you have never 'detailed' a single thing, very similar
    to what we are seeing here. Keep on running, boy.
    I'll just assume you've got absolutely nothing.
    Obvious lie.
    Sure seems unlikely. Explain the process whereby ocean water
    is dissolving coral skeletons and CO2 is thereby emitted into
    the atmosphere.
    At this point, the live coral is reportedly dying off at a
    pretty rapid rate. Are you suggesting that it 'goes somewhere'
    after it dies?
    I provided the cite you 'needed'. Guess you didn't want it
    after all.
    I admit to not understanding a lot of things that don't make
    any sense. But since you *do* understand it Wally, you explain it.
  9. benj

    benj Guest

    Which obviously makes you a climate revisionist.
    So no actual science can be discussed here.
  10. Wally W.

    Wally W. Guest

    Please truncate to "we'll just leave."

    Check Climategate for signs of a scam.
    So what?
    Attempting to divert from the fact that the weasels won't put their
    agenda in a public, definitive form ... because they are weasels.

    With no cite.
    You assume wrong.
    No time stamp, no message ID. Typical vague warmophobic "cite."
    It would be like casting pearls before swine.
  11. P E Schoen

    P E Schoen Guest

    "Marvin the Martian" wrote in message
    He just doesn't realize you are an infamous troll, or perhaps he just enjoys
    feeding you and watching you sputter your silly profanities like a spoiled

    Read and weep and go away (back to Mars):

  12. Wally W.

    Wally W. Guest

  13. benj

    benj Guest


    Science says: Wait a minute. What are you talking about asshat? Political
    science? There is no science related to Climategate. They simply got
    caught red-handed trying to fake science to fool the public. You know,
    just like you always do.

    But hey, Marvin: Science says the fox investigated the incident and
    reported truthfully that no chickens were observed missing!
  14. benj

    benj Guest

    Lies. Your name calling and blustering won't change the fact:

    Quote a recent Sam post: "Marvin reminds me of those conspiracy nuts!"

    No blustering or "name calling" there, right, Sam?
  15. benj

    benj Guest

    Gentle ripples form in the water as the bait is slowly dragged along...

    Marvin, do you notice how MANY "Global tepid" posts there are? What that
    means is that Sam, by his pretend "dumb" act (well maybe it's not so
    pretend) has succeeded in derailing any intelligent debate on Climate and
    defused any attempts to inject actual scientific data into the
    discussion. Just call it propaganda 101. The more he gets you going, the
    less you are able to discuss true facts with those who are not yet aware
    of the scam.

    Just direct Sam HERE so he can find out what "Science says":

    Note current sweet article debunking the usual Sam Melting Ice is
    flooding the Third World nonsense: Obviously only the VIRTUAL ice is
    melting at West Antarctica.

    Science says:

    Sam, how much science will it take until you stop lying?
  16. P E Schoen

    P E Schoen Guest

    "benj" wrote in message
    There is a good reason for you to put quotes around "science". That site is
    another denialist creation, with just a bit less outrageous hubris to make
    it more palatable to relatively well educated (but no less gullible) people
    who have not taken the bait, hook, line, and sinker. To understand what REAL
    scientists say, read:
    The lies are promulgated by a shrinking minority who side with the affluent,
    greedy, and essentially sociopathic right-whiners and their "business as
    usual", "drill baby drill" capitalists of the 1% who are (or should be)
    running scared and spewing scientifically worded fictional rhetoric in their
    last-ditch attempt to amass as much material wealth as possible before they
    die. Most of them are old white men with a decidedly un-Christian idea of a
    heaven which will accept them even after a lifetime of doing what the Bible
    says will virtually guarantee otherwise. 19:23-19:24&version=NIV

    I cite the Bible because most of these "conservatives" claim to be highly
    religious, and mostly Christian, as if that is very meaningful, since Hitler
    (to some extent) was, and certainly most of his most brutal (and clearly
    sociopathic) followers. Of course, now the right-whiners are complaining
    that the "evil left" is bullying them. Give. Me. A. Break!

    At the same time, the right-wing climate change denialists
    ( are mounting a campaign of hatred and paranoid
    accusations equating climate scientists with terrorists and infamous

    It has even gone so far as to spawn death threats:

  17. Guest

    Uh, that's a former TV weatherman who's been paid by Heartland. It's
    no more what the science says than the National Enquirer is.

    No, YOU note that site may have blogs and columns, but they prove
    nothing, they debunk nothing.

    Nut job using a nut job site -- pathetic.

    Not on wwut it doesn't.

    The blogger who wrote that says: "I have been a geoscientist in the
    evil oil and gas industry for almost 30 years."

    How long before you reference a scientific site? Days? Months?
    Years? Never?
  18. benj

    benj Guest

    On Thu, 27 Dec 2012 11:53:40 -0500, P E Schoen wrote:

    Snip gigantic propaganda hurl.
    Paul, as I recall it was your alarmist climate revisionist leader Dr.
    Hansen who called before Congress for putting "deniers" to death. Nothing
    more needs to be said to refute your bullshit.
  19. benj

    benj Guest


    Wait a minute, Sam. How did you miss the link to MY propaganda site that
    refutes YOUR propaganda site? Were you asleep or just dreaming of CO2
    taxes being collected? Anyway, JUST FOR YOU, here it is again:

    It's the worlds most viewed site on climate. You climate revisionists are
    loosing ground rapidly and soon will the completely discredited in the
    public view.
  20. benj

    benj Guest

    It's MORE science that Sam's usual wikipedia "proof" and at least as good
    as the constant spew Sam always links from "SkeptialScience" a Website
    with some physics grad student manipulating data funded by some Warmist
    foundation. Mine's at least as good as yours.
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