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glo plugs, micro switches, batteries

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Boonrassi, Nov 19, 2003.

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  1. Boonrassi

    Boonrassi Guest

    hiya people..

    i'd like to fit a spark generator/ heat source (glo plug?) into a
    between 1.5 and 2 in long.
    1.5 in. high.. anywhere in there.

    is this possible? glo plug, battery, microswitch, all in a space so

    how else could it be done?
    how do those electric lighters work? they have a nice spark produced
    from small works.

    what's the smallest glo plug?
    what's the minimum current requirements of glo plugs?

    all i need is a spark or a hot coil for a second to trigger a
    theatrical effect.
    the spark sets off a tiny bit of flash paper. poof. small.
    no i don't want finger flashers and other flint wheel asmemblies.

    the whole works should fit into a space about half the size of a

  2. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Sounds like someone is building a BOMB!

  3. Boonrassi wrote:

    Look at the igniters used for model rockets.

    Mark L. Fergerson
  4. Boonrassi

    Boonrassi Guest

    nope, finger (flint) flashers and hand flashers are available at any
    magic shop for $15 - $100
    i just want to build my own. small.

    thanks for the help.
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