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Glidepoint pinouts?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Clifford Heath, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. I picked up a Glidepoint (touch-mouse pad) device at surplus.
    These RS232 and PS/2 mouse protocols, but I don't know the pinouts.
    Can anyone help?
  2. Garrett Mace

    Garrett Mace Guest

    I'm not sure if that's what he wanted...I don't know, but I picked up
    touchpad unit from Electronic Goldmine for about a dollar a while ago. It
    didn't have any cables connected to it, so I had to figure out the pinout on
    it's little connector. As far as I know it only runs in PS/2 mode.

    If he has cables, then I guess what you posted was about right...acts pretty
    much like a regular mouse so I don't know why he would need to ask us in
    that case.
  3. Robotnik

    Robotnik Guest

    Woops, I see what you're saying.....he wants the pinout of the device
    itsself.......... my bad.

    If I find anything I'll repost.

  4. Garrett Mace

    Garrett Mace Guest

    I'm not saying that's necessarily the case, but he is going to have to
    specify a little better. If he's looking for the pinout and it's essentially
    the same as my device, I can help.
  5. Sorry folk, Garrett was right. There are four wires running into a
    connector having 8 or 9 pins on the circuit board, but the connector
    from the other end is missing. I suspect these wires run to the RS-232
    pins, but unless there's a standard colour coding I'm still guessing.

    And yes, it was $1 at surplus :)

    Clifford Heath.
  6. Thanks for the help folk. I just received official protocol
    documentation (PS/2 and RS232) and RS232 connector details
    from Circue. No more guessing... Garrett, I'll send them on
    if you wish.

    Clifford Heath.
  7. Garrett Mace

    Garrett Mace Guest

    Thanks...but that's ok, mine only had a four-pin connector on the board. I'm
    pretty sure it was only intended to work with PS/2. And it's an Alps
    touchpad. ;-) Works ok, the PS/2 protocol is easy enough to use with
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