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Glass protective screen on Plasma TV safety issue

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by JVC Dude, Nov 11, 2004.

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  1. JVC Dude

    JVC Dude Guest

    Can anyone offer any advice on the replacement of the protective screen in
    front of the plasma panel.
    (Have got a customers set with a cracked glass)

    Is there a safety issue regarding special coatings etc to protect from RF
    interference etc. Or could one just use -say tempered glass.
    I can't measure any resistive coating. There are 3 plastic stick on covering
    sheets none of which have a conductive coating, just a tint.

    Do plasma panels emit any unwanted particles besides light from the
    phosphors- and need special screening?

    A Wilkinson
  2. David

    David Guest

    Lets see, massive amounts of infrared, small amounts of xrays, and
    some uv light are all filtered in the front protective glass on plasma
    tv sets. I am not sure it is available separate from the entire
    plasma screen assembly on most models.
  3. Art

    Art Guest

    Buy another Plasma Television, The one that is damaged is beyond economical
    cost to repair.
  4. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Wait a sec, he said it's just glass over the face, is the panel itself still
    intact? If it still displays a picture then the panel is good, I thought the
    glass on the front was part of the panel itself but if it's not then a piece
    of normal glass should work. There's nothing particularly dangerous emitted
    from a plasma panel, some UV, but that will be blocked by ordinary glass.
  5. James254

    James254 Guest

    Hi JVC Dude,

    As David say's Plasma panels emit huge amounts of IR radiation. I have been
    told that it is so great that if you remove the IR filter (The bit of glass
    your talking about) all remote controls in the room stop working!

    In all the models I have worked on there is a piece of specially coated
    glass in front of the PDP to stop IR radiation. Haven't you seen the video
    on the internet that came out several years ago when plasma was a new
    technology. The news reader touched the front of a PDP and jumps back in
    surprise saying something like "Shit that's hot"

    What Brand/model are you working on?
  6. JVC Dude

    JVC Dude Guest

    Hi The model is a JVC AV42PD20 - the pdp works fine and it is just
    the glass screen thats seperate from the pdp thats cracked.
    JVC want £834 for a new 'screen filter' as they call it- so yes I presume
    theres something special about it for it to cost so much. It just seems a
    rather ridiculous price for a 3mm piece of glass with a coating, and 3
    layers of plastic filters.
    Do other manufacturers charge similar figures for their screen filters?-
    perhaps since 42" is a common size, another manufacturers screen , if
    available at sensible price, would do .

    any one know who charges what for these screens (in UK)

  7. Art

    Art Guest

    Been repairing the Pioneer, Sony, Panasonic, Etc Plasma units. All the
    Manufacturers indicate any kind of glass damage to the front panel-screen
    assembly will require replacement of the complete panel assembly due to the
    high probability of loss of seal between the cells and eventual failures.
    Therefore: in most cases addressed, when there has been any type of cracking
    and/or damages to the front panel assemblies, inclusive of the overlaying
    glass, the Manufactures furnish the cost of a replacement panel, then the
    servicer is required to change all the electronics, mounting, and enclosure
    assemblies to the unit before considering the item being operational. The
    cost of the display section is usually between 75% and 85% cost of the whole
    unit, that is why I posted normally the item will be uneconomical to repair.
  8. And you accept that as "fact"? If the set operates normally and a close
    inspection shows no physical damage to the underlying plasma panel, wouldn't
    you just replace the protective screen if it were your TV rather than spending
    $5,000 or more to replace the set? :)

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  9. Good point, Sam. Too often, we fail to recognize the difference between
    assumption and fact.

    There was a scrap dealer in my hometown with the slogan, "one man's trash is
    another man's treasure."

  10. JVC Dude

    JVC Dude Guest

    Re how damaged it was!

    Some object by the owners lads being thrown across the room caught the lower
    middle edge of the glass & frame. A small crackof perhaps 2-3 inches
    appeared. The set continued to work ok for some 3 months until the crack had
    propagated across most of the front- as glass tends to do. The front glass
    to the pdp itself has not been touched, cracked etc. and the front filter
    sits 10mm away from it. Nor is the filter 'sealed in' in any way, so I don't
    believe there is any safety risk etc

  11. Art

    Art Guest

    BTW: I did not say that Samuel! Just denoting information that we are
    requested to inform the customers of if the products is still under
    manufacturer's warrenty. Also, Leonard, I have a hard time assuming
    anything, I personally presume until proven otherwise, teachable: yes!
    opinioned: occasionally, wrong: of course (We are all still human): open to
    public correction: We had all better be, inclusive of myself!<
  12. James254

    James254 Guest

    Hi Andrew,

    At first glance it seems a bit expensive. When I convert it from Pounds into
    local currency it's looks as if you've been quoted retail price...

    After some googling I think the customer paid over UK£5000 for this unit
    when it was new? If so, £843 for the 'Screen Filter' sounds about right.

    Hope this helps,
  13. Graham

    Graham Guest

    Hello Andrew, Small world isn't it.

    This is Graham Rabstaff from Satellite Sound & Vision in Bury.
  14. JVC Dude

    JVC Dude Guest

    Sure is!

    It can be fun trying to talk someone through stripping down a unit etc on
    the other side of the world
    - hopefully not in a Lancashire accent
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