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Glass fuse question

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Douglas Hall, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Douglas Hall

    Douglas Hall Guest

    I have a domestic DVD recorder that's suddenly stopped working (no
    longer under warranty / guarantee).

    So I did the normal thing - check / replace the fuse on the plug -
    which appears fine, as it didn't make any difference.

    I vaguely remember reading on a forum dedicated to the DVD recorder
    about a glass fuse on the inside of the recorder, where the power
    supply board is.

    So I've had a look at the glass fuse (T2AL250V - which I understand is
    a slow-blow 2A, 250v fuse), there and nothing looks blackened or burnt
    out. The fuse wire is clearly visible and there's no obvious breaks -
    but there's a bit in the middle that looks like a small blob (not a
    coil or anything like that) of solder. Does that sound correct - as if
    it should be there?

    I haven't got a meter easily to hand to be able to check whether it's
    blow, so thought I'd just check whether it sounds OK at least visually.
  2. nospam

    nospam Guest

    Some types of slow blow fuse have 'blob' in the middle of the wire,
    something to do with slowing down the blowing.

    The fuse looks like it is OK, can't be certain without testing it.
  3. If it is a 2 A fuse then you can test it with just a 1.5 v battery and
    a flashlight bulb.
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