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Glad this isn't California

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Spehro Pefhany, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. Ah, bullshit! Living in California causes birth defects in California.
  2. I hear that John just recently got a job at Snap-on Tools.
  3. .
    And THAT is how the buildings cause cancer.

    Back in the '70's or so, "save energy" was the big rallying cry, and
    they looked at what it costs to heat or cool outdoor air and keep
    flushing new air through the structure, and they found that if you
    sealed the building up so that no air could get in or out, the
    heating and cooling costs are a fraction of what it takes to heat
    or cool a building that has ventilation.

    The first victims of this "tight-building syndrome", , of course,
    are the smokers, because smoke is clearly (excuse the lame pun) the
    first indicator of lack of ventilation.

    So, did they reinstate ventilation? No! They banned smoking, the
    idiots. You have banned your best indicator of inadequate ventilation.
    Oh, wait, it can't be inadequate because it was mandated by the powers-
    that-be, and they're infallible, right?


  4. That's not really appropriate - at least at the end of that story there
    was a real wolf! It makes me think of the part of "Chicken Little", where
    CL is frantically running around hysterically trying to convince everybody
    that the sky is falling.

    That story has never held my interest long enough to where I ever find
    out if the sky actually did fall, but I have no doubt someone will be
    kind enough to enlighten me. :)

  5. I wonder how many of us have ever seen a gubby little 1.5" extruder
    running flat-out! I have, and it's worth crossing the street to
    see. :)

  6. That's pretty much how the antismokerists got the smoking bans shoved
    down our throats.

  7. He and she and me and the chimpanzee agree,
    That one day soon you'll bee a celeb-ri-tee. ;-)

  8. Couldn't find its elbow in a hailstorm.

  9. Or one in the welfare office, "If you can't feed them, don't breed them."

    Nah, they'd declare that racist.

  10. So, you're saying that the New York legislators think their constituents
    are even stupider than the California legislators think theirs are? ;-)

  11. It's a competition. NY doesn't allow automatic/latching pump
    nozzles while NJ doesn't even allow self-serve. CA?

    NY was also about $.25/gal more expensive than neighboring states
    across the top (VT+$.20, and PA+ $.25, Ohio+$.40) last week.

    Yeah, NY legislators think they're in competition with CA for the
    dumb constituents contest. Note that they're both quite blue
  12. Guest

    Drink the stuff? When I filled up my tank at Valero's here in
    California, there was a warning not to siphon by mouth... I was looking
    to see if there was an MTBE warning, but no such luck.
  13. In CA, the pump nozzles have a sort of cuff thing, with an interlock
    switch. You have to shove the nozzle down into the filler pipe hard
    enough that that cuff - kind of a bellows, but like 1/2" pitch, and
    really stiff - seals itself around the filler hole, before it will
    dispense gasoline. This is supposed to recover the vapor so that
    it doesn't make [more] smog.

    It seems to be working - I've seen blue sky over LA these last few
    years, unlike the bown smudge of 15 years ago. :)

  14. Zak

    Zak Guest

    ISTR the problem with MTBE is not that it is so toxic, but moves fast in
    groundwater and tastes awfully.

    Gas leakages should be the real problem...

  15. Those things are in use everywhere, even VT.
    Oh, that is different. Winters in VT are a gray smudge, unless
    it's -20F (been pretty bad here in IL this week too).
  16. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    Actually, due to law suits, CA has quit using MTBE.
  17. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    But i do not think that we have really taken the lead from New York,
    Taxachussets, Delaware or Texas.
  18. Guest

    You'd think it might at least be a subject of concern. so imagine my
    suprise when I watched NYC transit worker hosing off the underground
    platform at 34th street... late at night but in a system that does not
    shut down, so the the 3rd rail was very much live (otherwise we
    wouldn't be waiting for the train). Not only did they hose the
    platform, they flipped it up to get the ceiling, in a way that it seems
    would have had to get the rails for an instant too. Guess Lord
    Rayleigh is their protector.

    I walked away from that puddle on the platform anyway.
  19. Not so many small ones like that, but there are many, many plastic
    extruders in the US (say 4" and up). Extrusion of pipe, tubing etc. is
    big business, and the stuff is bulky and not so easily shipped.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
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