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Give IP connectivity to old Vista panels.

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Our company has developed a small board that plugs in Vista panels
    (getting the power from them too) that allows two interesting features:

    1) TCP alarm reporting to Galaxy-like receivers.

    2) It allows bidirectional access by means of Compass software BUT
    over the Internet instead of a serial connection.

    While we devolped it for a local partner, we'll be open to sell it on
    other countries.

    Our plug-in units cost less than $200 and they can extend the life of
    aging but working panels. The unit comes with an 10/100 Ethernet
    network connection.

    Feel free to ask us any of your questions and we'l ltry to address them

    Have a nice day,

  2. Brent

    Brent Guest

    I am interested in your system. Post your address and phone number where you
    can be contacted.
  3. Guest

    Hi Brent,

    I'm based on Valencia, Spain (GMT+2) and I can be found on +34
    963879709 from 9h to 14h.

    These are some more the details of the system ...

    A microcontroller handles the serial communication that goes to the
    printer port to capture the messages sent to the printer to convert
    them to contact ID.

    On the other hand the same serial communication is used to connect the
    panel to a computer to have a bidirectional session. Our system
    intercepts this communication and forward it through the network to the
    computer located elsewhere. We install in the PC end a serial port
    redirector so COMPASS software stills thinks it is directly connected
    to the Vista panel.

    Our system is also connected to the ECP bus, because you need to type
    the engineer code for the panel to switch to bidirectional
    communication with the PC. We have figured out how the bus works and we
    simulate a user typing the code (we use address 20 for that).

    As the PC will connect eventually to many different Vista panels we
    have developed a small Windows software that allows you to manage your
    panel's database (containing IP addresses, engineer codes, IP addresses
    of the event receiver and so on).

    The system draws 60 mA from the 12V supply of the panel. Size is 2.5" x
    4" and it is plugged in on the area reserved for the printer input of
    the panel.

    Thanks for your interest,

  4. Guest

    Hi Andrew:

    I mostly agree:

    If you're buying a new system I think there is no doubt you buy a new

    However, some customers with hundreds or thousands of old systems (
    banks) may be willing to extend the lifetime of their working system
    PLUS adding the capabitlity of live supervision (which they don't have
    it now and it is an important one).

    If you have had a bidirectional communication with a vista panel over
    the phone you know they are slow. That means a remote operator time is
    wasted, with our device this is working like if you were directly

    I am not telling you this is a replacement or has all the capabilities
    of a new panel, but it is a trade-off.


  5. Guest

    DSC is also dabbling in this market with the TL250.
  6. Guest

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