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GHz Oscope

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by jw, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. jw

    jw Guest

    If anyone has a GHz oscope laying around, and you will rent time on it to
    me, please email me.

    I'm in the South Bay area of CA.

    TIA, jw
  2. So you gave up trying to use your 100MHz scope? :->

    I do hope you have the probes to suit (a 1GHz scope goes not
    nessecarily come with suitable probes) and know how to properly probe a
    1GHz signal.
    Oh, and if you use a 1GHz bandwidth scope to measure a 1GHz signal,
    it's going to be 3dB down in amplitude.

    I'm sure there are many rental companies around that will rent you such
    a scope, there are here in Australia anyway.

    Dave :)
  3. jw

    jw Guest

    No I haven't given up - just waiting for parts in the mail. --jw
  4. quietguy

    quietguy Guest

    There is an ad in the latest issue of Silicon Chip for an RF meter that
    measures RF up to 1.5 gigs - the ad says 'why use a cro when you can use

  5. jw

    jw Guest

    Hmmm - I see it's from Australia, well I'll look for it around here.
  6. quietguy

    quietguy Guest

    In case you cannot find a copy...

    The company is

    RF Probes P/L

    ph (australia prefix, then) 0394321936

    Hope this is helpful


    PS I have no personal knowledge of the product or the company - I just
    noticed the ad and thought I'd pass it along
  7. jw

    jw Guest

    Thanks - I couldn't find a copy.
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