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"ghost" image on Hitachi LCD projector

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ray Carlsen, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Ray Carlsen

    Ray Carlsen Guest

    Does anyone know how to get into the service menu of a Hitachi CP-X430W? It has
    a faint double image, apparently in the red channel, and the optical alignment
    is correct. The cyan leading ghost image shows up on all screens including OSD
    menus. I've seen similar but correctable ghosting problems in other projectors.
    Older Sanyo models like the PLC-9000 and other makes such as Boxlight 9600, Eiki
    LC-X1 and Proxima 9310 made by Sanyo were "repairable" by getting into the
    service menu and changing one data value. I'd hate to toss this Hitachi for such
    a fault if it's repairable in that manner. It's out of warranty and Hitachi
    doesn't want to talk to me.

    Ray Carlsen
    A/V Engineering
    University of Washington, Seattle
  2. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    I've seen something like you describe in NEC LCD projectors. AIRC, the
    problem was warpage of the affected LCD panel; repairable (replace the
    panel), but not economically.

  3. Ray Carlsen

    Ray Carlsen Guest

    Hitachi CP-X430W? It has a faint double image, apparently in the red
    Thanks for the feedback. We've had quite a few projectors including NEC
    fail with bad panels or filters, but the symptoms were quite different, mostly
    consisting of blue blobs sneaking through what should be a dark background or
    yellow spots on a white screen. They always seem to under-rate the cooling in
    LCD projectors.
    The fault with this Hitachi is that the "ghost" image is exactly 12 pixels
    wide and shows up ahead of normal vertical lines. A warped panel or dichroic
    filter wouldn't do that. If a red-only screen is displayed and the RGB input is
    fed color bars at 50% level (you will not see it at 100%), the right side of the
    red vertical bar is dark, the width of 12 pixels. The green and blue channels
    are OK.
    As I mentioned before, we had quite a few Sanyo based projectors with the
    same kind of problem. The "cure" for those was to change the data in one memory
    location in the service menu. We needed the ear of a knowledgeable tech at
    Sanyo, and I got it several years ago... that problem was solved for Sanyos.

  4. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    If it's ghosting, the problem is probably not anything you can adjust.
    Usually it means something has failed.
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