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GFCI Problem/Question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Apr 3, 2005.

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    Hope someone can answer this. Its driving me nutts.

    I am building a new workshop and have ran into a really screwy
    electrical problem.

    I currently have a temporary power hookup that has a gfci breaker in
    it. I have been running the construction equipment with no problems for
    about 4 months. Recently, I finished the electrical rough-in and
    connected the temporary power feed into the entrance to check all of my

    By connecting the 220v feed running from my temporary hookup to the top
    of the breaker box I can test all my circuits. Here is where the
    problem comes in.

    If I leave the ground rod connected to the meter base, the GFCI at the
    temporary hookup will not stay on. Even if I leave the main breaker off
    in the breaker box, the GFCI will kick out as soon as I touch the
    ground lead from the ground rod to the meter base.

    I have double checked every connection and I cant find a short or any
    continutiy where it isnt supposed to be.

    I have done EXACTLY the same thing before on a different job and it
    works. I have changed the GFCI and pretty much rewired the thing every
    way I can think of.

    The temporary hookup is about 30 feet from the structure and has a
    ground rod of its own. Is it possible for the current from the
    structure to be feeding back through the ground rods to the temp hookup
    to cause the GFCI to trip? Or can the ground rod at the building be
    "bleeding" enough power from the circut to cause a drop in current? If
    not, why the fault? Why does it work at other locations and not here?

    Anyone who can explain this to me so I understand it will be my new
    hero, cause I'm stumped.
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