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GFCI Lab Tests (revised)

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Roy Q.T., Jan 6, 2005.

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  1. Roy Q.T.

    Roy Q.T. Guest

    my query is: will a dirty stinking, filthy, diseased ridden, useless
    nyc sewer rat, survive the trip.

    if not: that maybe too much of a shock to bare., as someone pointed out
    in an earlier post.

    so far haven't found any pertinent scientific data: only that they have
    saved countless lives that would have otherwise perished by
    600+ in the 60's on a yearly count down to about 200 in the late 80's.

    nothing lab related though.

    Has anyone found or participated in anything related to this post ?
  2. John Gilmer

    John Gilmer Guest

    1) Part of that may be due to factors outside of the GFCI including the
    fact that in the 60s most folks still lived in pre-WWII housing while at the
    same time were using much more electrical "stuff" like heaters, cookers,
    power tools, etc.

    2) I know for a FACT that a good portion of GFCIs built over 10 years ago
    can fail to trip (I have two in the house I got to get "aroundtuit" and
    replaced one a few years ago.)

    Seems to me that "public safety" types should encourage folks to use the
    GFCI tests (three lamp test with "test" button) just to be sure.
  3. Roy Q.T.

    Roy Q.T. Guest

    yeah i agree, plus there were no GFCI
    in homes in the 60's.

    it is recommend that one test your GFCI every month with the lamp test.
  4. John Gilmer

    John Gilmer Guest

    That's on the un-realistic side for most folks and me in particular.

    I have at least 10 in (and out) of the house now and that's without ANY
    GFCIs in the kitchen.

    Even if I decided to "test" them all, I likely would forget one or two.
  5. Roy Q.T.

    Roy Q.T. Guest

    i hardly test them myself and if n when there are children of the
    technical society class around there is bound to be a call on gfci
    action, with that in mind is that I am way past curious about how they
    Tested these things to begin with..

    I want to read about The Subject Rhesus no. 291-333-4951 or whatever,
    When wired and put on a substrate of household floor rated ground.,
    Reaction to GFCI cut off leak with :?????????, and ?????? effect was 1)
    negligible 2) as that of mild shock, 3) shuttered and collapsed

    Then when standing on a Puddle of water and finally when partially
    immersed in water .

    I want to know Just what Happened..???

    Or I'm pushing for test with Lab Rats.
  6. Roy Q.T.

    Roy Q.T. Guest

    John, Friends;~>

    I don't want anyone to think I'm cruel or cold hearted even of Rats &
    Mice actually I maybe a little emboldend because, the little bugers
    somehow use to make it into my apartment and if my Cat Mishy didn't kill
    it I'd flush it down the toilet and allow it to join it's relatives.

    Well: I got tired of this wondering the long way through & that I just
    as well should just terminate it in the garbage, I caught the next one n
    put it in a plastic germination laboratory container (fed it something &
    all) nasty little buggers crap like a machine., Needles to say: the
    next day I walked down the block and released it in a little semi-public
    garden by the school & church where i trust they abound secretly: man
    was I disappointed, when i talked to whom i assume is an admisistrator
    in front another day, and told her what i did to save one of Gods wee
    creatures She almost Hit The Panic button., and asked me not to do it

    One little mouse is so unwelcome I thought.

    what to do if another one pops up ? hmmmm? there are stick guidelines
    when employing animals of ay caliber for testing electricity.

    Anyhow; I think the Info about my post isn't readily available because
    some folk are too Busy gathering info on far more Intense darn near
    cruel n senseless research.

    I am still looking what they have on this and will post some websites to
    that effect.

    Please send me what you've found fellow discussion followers.

    Cordially Yours ;
  7. Roy Q.T.

    Roy Q.T. Guest

    I think I've figured it out: From the brief on NAZI experiments and the
    willingness of Our Engineers & Technicians to work on Development from
    Specs (historic lessons) I gather not many test of this Nature we all
    suppose where necessarily conducted.

    Providence is a true convert of ill things.

    BTW: if anyone is interested the GFCI was Developed at Pass & Seymour
    and they have recently celebrated it's 30th Anniversary.

    Still there are some sceptics and I am not totally satisfied that it
    will not shock, but assured that it won't be a fatal or injurious one.In
    any event here is a webpage of people involved with methods I described
    earlier. it would hurt to say.

    I aught to wire myself onto one n try it myself };-) gimme a few more of
    those whiskey sours ;-p
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