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Discussion in '8bit Microcontrollers' started by Mitch, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Mitch

    Mitch Guest

  2. Tom

    Tom Guest

    It all depends on your knowledge, both software and hardware. Do you
    have a lot of experience with electronics in general, and digital
    electronics in particular, or are you really just getting started?

    The Pictstart Plus is a good system, but to put the chips to use after
    you program them you will need to build something. Are you up to that?

    If you'be built PC boards before, hopefully with some digital logic,
    then go for it. If you're really a beginner, I would suggest starting
    with something like the Basic Stamp from Parallax. They have a few
    options, like a basic stamp, programming software and a solderless
    breadboard and a handful of parts to get you started, prices are
    reasonable and some come with introductory manuals that will jump-start you.
  3. Felix

    Felix Guest

    If you just want to start playing with them a little, seeing what they can
    do, etc, and don't have your employer/university/whatever paying for your
    gear, I'd recommend this:

    The PIC Kit 2 Debug Express let's you work with their introductory range
    of microcontrollers, and it's 1/4 of the price. It's also nice to have it
    running via USB. It is also capable of powering the included demo board
    entirely via the USB connection. The downside is that it does not support
    their full range of products, but it is good value for your money. Best of

  4. Mitch

    Mitch Guest

    I got my degree in electrical engineering in 1990.
    I never did any design...actually I never did any electrical

    I'm good in BASIC, and I'm working on my soldering skills.

    I want to introduce my kids to electronics, so I want to start from
    the very basics.

    I like making gadgets for Halloween, and I'd like to use
    microcontrollers for things like this:

    I just got the Parallax "What's a Microcontroller" kit.
    It's great! It uses BASIC, so I don't need a separate compiler.

    So it's working out well as an intro, but I eventually want to be able
    to flash a PIC and use it in a standalone circuit/project.

    I was reading about MPLab, and how PICBASIC can now be used with it.

    Is that a good way to go if I don't want to learn C (or re-learn
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