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Get the franchisee of Karvy stock broking

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by techiee, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. techiee

    techiee Guest

    Karvy is an established stock broking firm with a strong customer base
    all over India, Karvy would like to reach out to more investors across
    the country, building a good distribution channel through Business

    Who is Business Partner/Associate?

    Karvy is looking for like-minded people who wish to serve the
    customers with utmost reliability and fervor. As a Business Associate
    of Karvy, you will actively promote and market our services and
    products and keep our customers updated of the forthcoming new
    products and schemes. Karvy offers you to join our family as
    Franchisee/Business partners, Remisser or as an Independent Financial

    Karvy is associated with gamut of financial services and products. As
    we offer one stop investment solution, customers will have the option
    of deciding the right investment products of their choice. Please
    enroll your details.
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