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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Members Lounge' started by donkey, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. donkey


    Feb 26, 2011
    hey guys this is an observation again. just something I notice from time to time. I in no way wish to do anything more than point this out.
    So why do people have half an idea and try pushing an illadvised/ un thought out scheme constantly?
    I have in the last 2 weeks found it getting slowly worse. I was approached by a guard that wanted to carry a baton at work, only to find out he already was.... for those from outside of AUS let me tell you this is the biggest NO NO for all guards. the client needs to approve, our company needs a master lisence for it and the guard in question need training.... not one area was covered.

    I found one of my neighbours had decided to put in solar kind of like what I have planned..... except he is hooking it up to his 240volt mains..... without an inverter....... after 2 long hours of explaining that it wouldn't work without the right inverter AND he NEEDS an electrician,I had to call a friend who is qualified to come rejoin some of this guys meter box.

    the last little one was when I got approached by a "friend" (acquaintence is a better description but I have known him for years) to start up a company designing electronic devices to order............................... the first idea he had was a power point that you could turn on and off anywhere in the world, and included a timer......... I walked straight into my computer and showedhim the 5 billion companies that already make them. then he told me how he had already applied for an ABN (australian business number) to get started....

    can I just point out god really likes dumb people cos he has made so very many
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