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generator stops generating

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by calhoun, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. calhoun

    calhoun Guest

    I have an old (1987) 4000watt (8hp) generac. It gets little use and when it
    does it works fine. Till today. This has run for days before with more load
    than was on it today.

    It was running for about an hour and all of a sudden it stops making power.
    Engine still runs fine. No overloaded or tripped breakers. I shut it down
    check it out and refire it. My voltmeter says it is producing its' usual
    220v but as soon as it warms up it stops producing power. Seems to be a heat
    issue. If I just turn off the power (engine still running) for 1 min when I
    turn it back on it will generate for maybe 10sec. If I turn off the power
    for 5 min it will generate for like 1 min than no more.
    Some one suggested the bridge rectifier board. If it is an easy fix I might.
    Really want an excuse to get a new unit. I can use that old 8HP to replace
    the one on a tired mortar mixer.
  2. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    It appears to be a fault either in the main winding or the field circuit. As
    it produces normal voltage at no load, the fault is more likely to be an
    intermittent connection (heat related) in the output winding. It may be as
    simple as a loose connection at the terminals.
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