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Generating Power through Induction with a HAM radio Antenna

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Aaron S, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Aaron S

    Aaron S Guest

    Is it possble to use an inductor with a stepdown transformer to generate
    power by using the power ouput of a ham radio through it's antenna? My
    friend states his antenna is a 40Watt'er. If I can, about how much power
    can i expect to gather using a n inductor.
  2. chuck

    chuck Guest

    Well, the transmitter may be 40 watts, but the antenna is usually not
    rated that way.

    All of the radiated energy can theoretically be recovered from a
    transmitting antenna. The problem is how to capture it all. At a
    distance, the instrument used to capture radiated energy is another
    antenna, and tiny fractions of the radiated power can often be captured
    halfway around the globe.

    A stepdown transformer will lower the voltage produced at the antenna,
    but that really has nothing to do with the amount of radiated energy you

    If you use a simple inductor as an antenna to capture radiated energy,
    you will find that it will probably not be possible to situate the
    inductor so as to capture very much, since the antenna may be radiating
    in many or even all directions! If the inductor gets too close to the
    antenna, it will affect the antenna's properties, and that further
    complicates the exercise.

    Does any of that help?

  3. Any large antenna can gather enough energy to run low-power circuits, if it
    is near powerful transmitters. Free-power radios used to be all the rage
    among hobbyists. A big wire antenna fed a rectifier circuit that produced
    enough snot to power a receiver and amplifier to drive a loudspeaker for
    modest audio levels. I built one and used it many years ago in Pittsburgh,
    PA. My home was close to several AM stations and my antenna was a wire
    about 60 feet long (along with a good ground).

    Tesla had dreams about this scheme, by the way, and did produce some
    intriguing demonstrations.
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