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generating negative air ions

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Charles P Lamb, Feb 5, 2005.

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  1. I would like to make a generator of negative air ions. I know how to make a
    high voltage power supply but I need to know more about what happens at the
    emitter. How do I avoid also generating ozone? Is there some optimal
    voltage for this? I understand that the emitter should have as sharp an
    edge as possible and that it is liable to oxidation.
  2. Sam Wormley

    Sam Wormley Guest

    raise house plants
  3. Mrr Frose

    Mrr Frose Guest

    Air Ions - N2 is too stable

    What else is left? O2 => O3- ? H2 to H+ ?

    Ionize and you got ozone, dude.
  4. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Didn't some dude a while ago sell a book "the power of *positive*
    And there are psych studies that it is not a good idea to be negative.
    What the heck do you have against ions?
  5. forever

    forever Guest

    You just want to avoid an arc (spark) in the air (usually visible and also
    audible), and then you should only be getting the ions.

    With Van de Graaff generators I think you can go well above 50KV without
    arcing, as long as there is no ground potential nearby. Part of this has to
    do with the large surface area.

    -- Gary
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  6. in every car there is High Voltage Transformer. It is very cheap. You can
    found it in a trash car...
    It have 3 contact: +12V 0V High voltage
    Connect +12v 0v to battery and a big pin to High voltage and it work!!
  7. In sci.physics, giuseppe pezzella
    Without an oscillator it won't do a lot; transformers don't work
    very well with DC. :) Might get a nice spark on disconnect,
  8. I figure that the ion generator would best have a needle point emitter so as
    to encourage the electrons out onto passing molecules. I'll bet that will
    also increase the likelyhood of an arc.
  9. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Guest

    Very thin wire will accomplish the same thing, with muce more surface area.
  10. Harold Ryan

    Harold Ryan Guest

    Hi Charles:
    Ions are just oxygen atoms with a missing electron. They are formed during
    a spark occurrence or in the presence of a high electric field. Ozone is
    another word for ions that you can smell. So you can't avoid creating
    ozone. High voltage transformers are required to create voltages between 5kv
    and 10 kv. Air purifiers are designed this way like the ones hanging from
    the ceiling in a bar. If you want to just make ions, all you need is an
    oscillator (555 timer from Radio Shack) and an automotive ignition coil that
    has the internal drivers inside.

  11. I asked about negative ions. These are atoms with extra electrons. Atoms
    with missing electons have a positive charge. Electrons carry a negative
  12. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Get a lump of one of the items they mention here:

    That'll give you free electrons, such that you won't need corona-grade
    voltages to encourage the ions to go out into the room. ;-)

  13. I read in that Harold Ryan <>
    Ozone is not an ion; it is triatomic oxygen, a neutral molecule.
  14. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Guest

    Neutral in atomic charge, you mean.
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