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Generating 20 Hz pulses cheaply

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by JohnB, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. JohnB

    JohnB Guest

    Hello experts!

    I would like to run a cheap experiment. I will take a 10 or 12" subwoofer
    speaker, and wish to make it pulse from 0 - 20 Hz. I would like to do this
    relatively cheaply.


    1) Function generator - would be nice to have a digital display, but not
    necessary. I see function generators all over eBay. It seems I can buy
    anything that can produce my desired frequency range. (?)

    2) Amplifier - Do I need an amplifier, or can I connect the above directly
    to a sub? I have NO idea what specifications I need here. I just wish to
    make the speaker pulse at the low frequencies. I would like a good pulse,
    a muddy vibration would not be good. What do I need to look for, what
    should my spec. concerns be?

    3) Subwoofer - I would like something relatively lightweight that I can
    easily hold in my hand. I'm guessing that isn't an issue, as the cheaper
    the speaker, the smaller the magnet, and the lighter it is. Buying a cheap
    one on eBay okay?

    4) Connectors - I see function generators tend to have BNC outputs. do I
    look for BNC to RCA connectors at Radioshack? How should I connect the
    generator to the amp?

    Thanks for the advice,

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