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general ev questions

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by [email protected], Oct 27, 2003.

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  1. Guest

    I'm starting to need a second (commuting) car, and am pondering
    purchasing an EV or converted-EV. I had a few questions that web
    perusing didn't turn up... maybe I just phrased 'em wrong. Here goes:

    Is it possible to recharge an EV in an emergency by hooking it up to
    a standard IC car as if you were jump-staring it? To somehow recharge
    the EV's batteries with power from the IC car's alternator?

    Can your standard electric-golf-repair companies also repair your full-sized

    What kind of price range would I be looking to replace a full set of old
    batteries on a full-size EV with new Nickel-Metal-Hydride types?

    Thank you for any Insight! (NPI)
    -- Z
  2. Guest

    This is probably the wrong news group for this, but....

    The batteries in an EV are likely to be wired in series to make 48 to 200
    volts.You could try to charge each battery off your IC car, but that would
    take a lot of time. Batteries will only take a charge at a certain rate.

    On the other hand, look into the Prius, Civic or Insight. They provide
    many of the benefits of an EV and run on regular gas. The sedans (Prius
    and Civic) are big enough for 4 comfortable adults.

  3. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Look for a Solectria Force, a factory converted e-car or

    Only if you have forever to wait ...
    Conceivably, yes. Your mileage will vary :).
    I believe I found a beefy et of NiMh were about 10,000 canadian :-( .
    Lithium polymer are being anounced by SAFT of france and an
    (unremembered) company in Quebec, hopefully big oil doesn't swallow these.
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