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Gee, I never needed one!

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Dave M., Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Bob Stephens

    Bob Stephens Guest

  2. We here at BS Labs are proud to announce our new BS Cables. We soak
    our cables in the scat of eels for a predetermined amount of time ( a
    BS trade secret) in order that the eel waste may integrate itself
    completely with the molecules of the copper, making them slicker thus
    providing exceptionally low resistance to electrons passing through
    the wire.
    Others may try to duplicate us but only our products are "pure" BS.
  3. Mencken, although he started "Nobody..."
  4. Ted Edwards

    Ted Edwards Guest

    Thanks. That's a great site! I've added it to my bookmarks.

    Another of his that I noticed scrolloing down the page:
    "The world always makes the assumption that the exposure of an error is
    identical with the discovery of truth--that the error and truth are
    simply opposite. They are nothing of the sort. What the world turns to,
    when it is cured on one error, is usually simply another error, and
    maybe one worse than the first one."
    H. L. Mencken

    It certainly brings to mind a certain software corporation that lives in
    US north west.

  5. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    Dang, what a silly bunt!


  6. I just bought a half dozen at a "Dollar store" for a buck each.

  7. Best Buy has quite decent prices on electronics and a non-commissioned
    staff who doesn't pounce on you. I rather like the place despite their
    stupid "Geek Squad" VW bugs. We don't have Circuit City here yet (just
    the 'Source' stuff they inherited from Tandy) but I much prefer Best
    Buy to CC. They're not as good as *some* Fry's in the US, of course.

    Of course they have to make their money somewhere- it's on their
    insanely expensive *cables* and on those bloody extended warranties. I
    don't think their batteries are any give-away either-- they have a
    huge display in the main aisle. So, just buy that stuff elsewhere, say
    no to the extended warranties for most stuff, and everything is fine.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  8. Keith

    Keith Guest

    You really don't think I bought the stupid cable? I found a kit with all
    sorts of USB adapters and two type "A" cables at a similar store ("Big
    Lots") for $10. BTW, what does one do with a USB type "A" to RJ11 or "A"
    to RJ45?
    I think their prices for even electronics are outrageous. I just bought
    the kid an AV receiver for $100 less (2/3rds the price) over the Internet,
    delivered within a week. Their apliances are no deal either. Circuit
    Shitty is even worse. I do wish we had a Fry's, even though I detest their
    exit goons.
    Don't forget to say *NO*, perhaps in even stronger language, to their
    offer of a free magazine trial.
  9. A couple of years back I need something electronic from CC, went in
    found it and starting waiting in a 50+ people line to pay for it about
    10 minutes later I dropped whatever it was and left, never been back.
    They had little pieces of paper that you made your selection from and
    then you had to go to a line where they pulled it from stock and then
    another line to pay for it, nope!
  10. Similar to the standard method of buying things in communist
    countries- you'd *tell* one clerk what you wanted, she'd fill out the
    flimsy paperwork with multiple carbon copies, you'd go to a second
    clerk and pay up, she'd wield her stamp in triplicate, and take one of
    the copies for herself, and you'd go and get the actual item from
    another clerk, who'd take another of the copies. If the clerks are
    motivated and you can handle the merchandise it works pretty well-
    they wrap it up for you while you are paying so it might even save
    time. When the dusty crap was all behind the counter and the girls
    were mostly interested in their tea breaks it was pretty terrible.

    You sometimes have to do something like that with small high-value or
    often stolen items- digital cameras, circuit breakers (of all things)
    at Home Depot etc- they keep them locked up. Jewel[l]ery too, but they
    handle it very smoothly for you, so you hardly feel that you've just
    paid triple+ their cost. ;-)

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  11. Dave Lag

    Dave Lag Guest

    Paints a disturbing picture of the local electrical trade doesn't it?

    There was an in-fill house built last year which had a fine view of my shop
    Curious how my shop had a snatch_and_grab in that period.
    Glad to see the local boys-in-blue shut down a big construction tool ring a
    few months later.
  12. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Printer cartridges and tools. They don't really control the printer
    cartridges, but they do package them in big obtrusive plastic blister
    packs which makes it impossible to shoplift them; the little ones
    like the Canons, which are "only" about $30.00, are on the shelf,
    but they're well-guarded. At one store, there's a sort of area with
    a gateway of sorts, with a clerk at the opening. Very much like Home
    Depot, where the small high-value tools have their own section with only
    one way in or out with a clerk right there. One redeeming factor is that
    there's a checkout counter right there at the gateway to the tool
    department, so you can pay right on the spot, and they stick a little
    piece of green tape on your bag, so that the door people just wave you
    through. :)

    But, y'know, if you need a couple pocketfuls of screws or something, and
    had thievery in your heart, it wouldn't be difficult at all to walk off
    with five or ten bucks' worth of hardware from a place like Home Depot.
    But, be sure you don't get caught - that's no picnic. Been there, Done
    that. ?:-/

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