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Gear Motor Source?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by CCE, May 1, 2007.

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  1. CCE

    CCE Guest

    I'm looking for a 12vdc gear motor with little luck. Here is what I
    12 vdc
    300-400 rpm
    10+ in-lb torque
    ~1/2 in shaft dia

    I have a car window motor, but it only runs at 160 rpm and that is too
    slow. This is a hobby project so I am price sensitive. Any
  2. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    Herbach and Rademan have a big selection and may have what you want.

    All Electronics also have a good selection, but H & R carries a better
    selection of bigger motors.

    Do a web search for "surplus" and "motor" -- you should get lots of hits.


    Tim Wescott
    Wescott Design Services

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  3. A good source for motors is, but a quick search did not
    come up with the specs you seek. There are plenty of 115 VAC gearmotors for
    cheap, and you could use a small inverter to get the power from 12 VDC.
    Otherwise, you might be able to use a stepper motor with a drive circuit,
    or possibly mix and match gearheads and motors to get what you want.

    Another possibility is a small starter motor from an old lawn tractor. My
    1965 Simplicity has a 12 VDC starter that is also used as a generator. Your
    local junkyard may be a goldmine.

    Another online source is They have a 400 RPM gearmotor but it
    is 24 VDC:

  4. jasen

    jasen Guest

    cordless drill?

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