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GE Spacemaker XL 1400 Life

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Caveat Emptor, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. How long do one of these typically last? We have one that's nearly 7
    years old and has stopped heating. I suspect the magnetron is gone.

    Given that it will cost at least $ 100-150+ to repair, should I bother
    or replace it? Hate to create more toxic waste...

  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Anywhere from 0-20+ years, it all depends. The one I fixed had a cracked
    solder joint on the control board. I've never actually come across a
    failed magnetron in any microwave, I know it happens but it's rare.
  3. Guest

    If you can remove it and it was installed properly with the ac plug and
    outlet in the rear, then you can carry it into the servicer for repair.

    Most times the labor is very reasonable on those ~$50 plus the parts.
    Most shops know of the third party parts source that sell actual
    quality parts at reduced prices.

    Can you replace it with a comparable unit for twice the expected repair
  4. I think I can replace it for twice the expected repaur cost.

    I looked and couldn't find a way to discnnect the thing. The plug and
    outlet must be in the rear. If I call GE or Sears they will charge a
    min of $ 60-70 just to come out here. Plus labor and parts.

    If I could dimantle it, I'd take it to someone and have them fix it.

    Thanks for the tips.
  5. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    If it's like the one I worked on, you pull off a vent grill along the
    top of the front and you can access the screws there that hold it up to
    the cabinet.
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