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GE Microwave part needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Toddy, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. Toddy

    Toddy Guest

    I've narrowed down an IC on my Smart board that I can't seem to locate, it's
    marked TMS 2670 on the board itself, and it's a Texas Instruments, and has
    these markings on it:

    MSHL 736

    OR, I'm trying to locate the whole board, part number, on the GE site, it's:
    SMART BOARD & DISPLAY 1655 WB27X5389

    But at $149 plus shipping, that's a little too much.
  2. Guest

    Is it the biggest (most pins) chip on the board? If so, it's probably
    the microcontroller, and your only source for it is probably going to be
    a similar board from an oven that was scrapped for some other reason.
    It's likely to be something like an 8051, but with a custom program in
    the ROM for that model of oven. Why do you think this chip is bad?
    You might call a couple of local appliance parts distributors with the
    WB27X5389 number and see if they can do any better. You probably can't
    get it for $99, but you might get it for $139 and possibly avoid paying
    the shipping.

    Matt Roberds
  3. Toddy

    Toddy Guest

    Well, all transistors and diodes check out, I swapped the three big caps, no
    difference, and it appears to be getting the correct voltage to the chip.
  4. Guest

    You might be able to order a "blank" TMS 2670 from a TI distributor, but
    you'd need some way to read the ROM out of the one on the board now and
    program the "blank" one. You won't be able to order a pre-programmed
    chip from anyone. A traceroute to your IP craps out in the Kansas City
    area; if that's where you are, call Marcone in Overland Park at 800-
    482-6022 with the WB27X5389 number and see what they can do for you.
    Otherwise, scan garage scales and thrift stores for an oven with the
    same smartboard, and swap it out.

    Standard disclaimers apply; I don't get money from Marcone.

    Matt Roberds
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