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Ge Microwave JES1036WF001

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by White88camaro, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. My Microwave doesn't work anymore It's a 2002. Can anyone help me find a
  2. Take it to a repair shop? You really need to provide more info such as:

    What the symptoms are.
    What your level of electronics knowledge is.

    But beware:

    WARNING: Microwave ovens are the most dangerous consumer appliance to
    service due to the up to 5,000 V at high current inside. Even with the
    power off, there is a HV capacitor that can produce quite a kick. This
    capacitor must be discharged before touching anything in the microwave
    generator circuitry.

    Don't even think about tackling it yourself unless you have the appropriate
    background and have thorougly studied the Microwave Repair FAQ at the site
    below as well as the info at:, or a book on
    microwave oven repair. There is one by Homer L. Davidson that may be
    available at your public library.

    Especially the SAFETY warnings and guidelines.

    --- sam | Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ Mirror:
    Repair | Main Table of Contents:
    +Lasers | Sam's Laser FAQ:
    | Mirror Sites:

    Note: These links are hopefully temporary until we can sort out the excessive
    traffic on

    Important: Anything sent to the email address in the message header is ignored.
    To contact me, please use the feedback form on the S.E.R FAQ Web sites.
  3. This is really true. Usually, the voltage is around 2-3kV, but with
    *huge* current, in the area of 1A. Remember that 30mA is rated deadly. I
    don't think the cap is lethal to anyone with a good health and no hearth
    illness.. Sometimes there is a resistor over the cap to discharge it
    slowly. Use a resistor. Don't even think about shorting it with your
    screwdriver. I've always used a insulated screwdriver with a cord and
    800kOhm resistor to discharge caps, and this has worked fine.
    Most microwaves I've seen, has had the layout on a paper sticked to the
    cover, so I really have got no problem wondering what the different
    wires are and so on:) So in that way, they're better than i.e amps:)

    Oh, and don't even think about running your micro without the cover. It
    creates disasters, and is indeed lethal. I only fried my mobile phone,
    not my life when I forgot the cover...
  4. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    If you mean the outer cover, then something is seriously wrong with
    your microwave. In fact, if the leakage is that bad, then I would
    expect that the oven's uP would eventually be affected as well.

    - Franc Zabkar
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