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GE CADDX NX8E fire flashing-alarm

Discussion in 'Microcontrollers, Programming and IoT' started by bryank, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. bryank


    Jun 12, 2011
    Hi I'm new to this forum and have a problem with an NX8E system. I have 6 LED keypads, and 6 LCD keypads, with 48 wireless zones. It's been installed for about 3 years, (I installed and programmed it). Haven't used it in a while.
    I had opened the program because I need it running and monitoring a paging system, the fire alarm keeps going off. I can disable by pressing the *7 and the master code, but it comes back in about 15 seconds (a loop, keeps going off). Not using zones 1-8, have a 3.3k ohm across smoke and common. On the led keypad, I can get the fault lights to clear except for the service light only for the 15 seconds then it goes into alarm again. connections are tight (resistor to terminals). Can this just be a bad pcb control board-

    I reset power, still does the same thing. Tried even bypassing zone 8 which is not being used (have the 3.3k across it and common). Still goes off. Any clues?
  2. bryank


    Jun 12, 2011
    6 13 11- Fixed for now:for those who don't know if you try to do a reset by unplugging both the power and battery, you need to make sure the power is fully drained. This can take a long time, 12-24 hrs unless you drain the electrolytics. There is a very light flashing led on the upper right side of the PCB this shouldn't be flashing. If it's not fully drained and you do a reset (910#), bits get scrambled randomly. This is a common problem with some types of embedded controllers. My suggestion is to make a detailed spreadsheet with sensor, type, location, segment, default setting and your current setting. Once it is properly reset, it takes me about 10-15 minutes to reprogram each location and segment. If I change anything I make a new column and document the change so when you go out of the program and something doesn't work to your liking you have documentation on what you changed.
  3. (*steve*)

    (*steve*) ¡sǝpodᴉʇuɐ ǝɥʇ ɹɐǝɥd Moderator

    Jan 21, 2010
    Thanks for the update.
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