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Gateway 2000 GP5-200 Overheating Fix

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by William R. Walsh, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. I think I found the problem I was having with a Gateway 2000 GP5-200 desktop
    computer. It would randomly freeze or drop into STOP errors. I started
    looking at the motherboard and found a voltage regulator attached to a beefy
    heatsink. Even with that, it still got too hot to touch for very long. If
    you look at the URL below, note the electrolytic caps sandwiched in between
    the two major fins on the heatsink. That can't be a great idea.

    Last I looked it had been up for over five hours now. I guess Gateway
    shouldn't have been so stingy with their idea to put another fan in
    place...maybe that's why I've never seen another one of these?

    Sorry for the cross-posting. It seemed like this topic would fit well in
    both groups.
    The IP is dynamic but should be relatively stable. I lost my DynDNS account
    (after six years, they killed it for 30 days of my not signing in!) and am
    working to get it back.

  2. Hi!
    It's unfortunate.

    A system that handled your post has its clock set into the future by a
    little bit. It's 7:27 PM CDT as I write this, and your reply shows up as
    being made at 7:43 PM CDT. Which means it hasn't happened yet and we're not
    having this conversation...yet. :)

  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    they call that obsolescence.
  4. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    It's ok my son! :)
  5. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    I noted in a different thread a few days ago, that switch mode power supply
    designers have a pathological need to locate any and all electrolytics as
    close as possible to hot components, in order to cause the service industry
    as much trouble as possible. Seems that mobo designers are similarly
    afflicted then ... d:~}

  6. "William R. Walsh"
    Yech. Barbequed electrolytics. Forget the fan idea. Unsolder or
    just chomp out the caps. Replace them with caps that have LONG leads.
    Bend the leads away from the heat sink and over the edge of the
    motherboard. That should get them away from the heat without adding
    too much lead inductance.

    Incidentally, I just sent to the eWaste recyclers everything in my
    house, office, and storage dumpster, that was slower than a PIII. I
    kept a few boards, but all the old machines and most of the ISA and
    VESA boards went away. I can now almost walk into my office without
    climbing over a pile of computahs. Before:
    Just pay the $12/year for an account. I have about 20 dyndns entries
    on mine, some of which are laptops and PDA's that rarely connect. They
    don't pull the plug on you if you have a paying account.

    Still want the MCA boards? Send me a mailing address. I
    lost/forgot/misplace/too-lazy-to-look-for your mailing address.
  7. Hi!
    Actually--and amazingly--no, make that completely amazingly--they haven't
    suffered a bit! I borrowed an ESR meter and tested them. They seem to be
    good, and have no signs of bulging, leaking, etc. They're 105 C rated, so
    that probably helped. I still can't quite get over what a craptastic design
    idea that was.
    And here I am after just resurrecting a 386DX-40. What a seriously cool
    machine. I didn't even know I had it. I had one before that I put in a
    desktop case, but it disappeared in a basement flood and I thought I'd never
    find another one. Lo and behold, stashed in a storage unit that I'm giving
    up is the same Bioteq motherboard in a mini tower case. It works great and
    the onboard NiCad even seems to be charging up. Have I got any 30 pin SIMMs
    left to max it out?

    I love this old stuff and can usually find neat things to do with it.
    They didn't for six years, so I'm surprised. Looks like someone took the
    greyghost( part away. It's got my index page and nothing else.
    Not sure what's going on there...?

    I'll certainly give thought to getting a paid account with them, but right
    now I need to eliminate other debts first.
    Yep, got to do that. Stay won't be long.

  8. "William R. Walsh"
    Well, I guess raising the dead is a good pastime.
    I'll do us both a favor and not mention the junk I saved. Well, maybe
    a hint. I have a few Compaq Portable III lunchbox machines with
    plasma displays.
    Using NSlookup:
    Non-authoritative answer:
    Quite different IP from your but does bring up your home page.
    However, looking at the page source, there are no links to any of the
    tags. Methinks your index.html is busted or we're reading the page
    from your ISP's web server cache.

    No clue on the different IP's. Reverse DNS fails to resolve anything
    for except that you're on an Mediacom line. RDNS for points to someone in Amsterdam.
    Just send me the address. I just want the boxes of boards out of my
    palatial office. I keep tripping over them. We can argue what to
    extort from you later.
  9. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Boy ! And I thought my workshop was bad ...

  10. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    AH, that guys looks like he really works in there :)
  11. I've seen worse. The breaking point was reached when a rather rotund
    customer literally could not enter the office due to the "canyon"
    created by all the piles of dead computahs. I also found myself using
    workbench space for storage and not being able to find things. When I
    converted the office desk into a work area, and found that I couldn't
    properly deal with the billing, it was time for a purge. I've been in
    the same office since about 1990, so I guess one purge every 17 years
    isn't too bad.
    Work? Yeah, I do that but mostly I needed the space so that I could
    sleep on the floor. Maybe I'll drag in a bicycle and rollers so I can
    get some exercise while waiting for Windoze to boot.

    The real me:
    < >
    About 4MB. Give it time to load.

    Move mouse around image after it's done loading.
  12. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    you're setting a bad example to any customers watching this! Time is
    something you're not suppose to have! . It looks like you've had
    lots of it here! :)
  13. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

  14. That's what *my* office/shop looks like _after_ I clean it up.

  15. Good slide show... Mine mess is in several rooms...

    JR the postman
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