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Garmin service ?

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Bjarke Christensen, May 30, 2006.

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  1. Hello out there,

    Just wanted to know how the service is from you national Garmin distrubutors
    in your countries? In Denmark it's really bad and i'd like to know if it's
    worthwhile escalating it to garmin or it's "the whole system" that seems to
    be hostile to customers.
  2. Pretty good here in the UK.
  3. Larry

    Larry Guest

    I sent a defective Garmin or two into the USA factory and they simply sent
    me a new unit! This was a Garmin VHF walkie talkie and a GPS. Great
    company here. UPS delivers from DK to US. Bypass the DK distributor and
    call the factory, directly. They're great people to deal with.
  4. I've had excellent service, for a repair to a handheld and with email
    questions about connecting to other equipment.
  5. Thanks for your feed-back. Unfortunately the customs barierers in the us
    (and the eu on the way back) will probably not allow this without
    surcharges. But I'll try Garmin Europe in the UK

  6. Larry

    Larry Guest

    "Bjarke Christensen" <(nej, det skal selvfølgelig
    være med K da jeg er dansker)> wrote in
    I think you should drop a Kroner? on the Dansk distributor and call Garmin,
    directly, to let them know what you think of their service in Denmark. I
    doubt the factory guys know what's really going on there.

    In response, they may simply tell the Dansk distributor to provide you with
    a replacement unit, immediately, to keep you as a customer. I would if I
    were them. Customers are hard to find, and harder to keep, these days.

    01- (913) 397-8200
    is the main number in the USA....

    If you download and install Skype from and plug in your
    headset and microphone to your computer, you can call them for FREE until
    January 1, 2007. Skype has free calling throughout the USA and Canada
    until then! I tried it, today, on my Skype to see if it were turned on.
    Worked great to Nova Scotia, to a ham friend I hadn't talked to for a

    Tell Garmin's people what you told us.....
  7. Actually I did try that number, but ran into some bank holiday/vacation
    period ??. I'll give it another try. The machine told me they are open
    8am-3pm, but is it a west or east coast number ?

  8. Bjarke,

    It's neither East or West -- Garmin Support is on Central Time, this
    means there is a 7 hour difference to us here in Central (European) Time.

    And yes, last Monday was Memorial Day in the USA, so they were closed.
  9. Thansk a lot. I'll give them a ring this afternoon (CEST) ...

  10. Larry

    Larry Guest

    "Bjarke Christensen" <(nej, det skal selvfølgelig
    være med K da jeg er dansker)> wrote in
    East Coast but you can try these English numbers:

    0870-8501242 (within U.K.)
    - +44-1794-519944 (outside U.K.)

    All this information is on:
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